WCTH Finale Cliffhanger Proves Writers Have No Idea About Season 11

WCTH Finale Cliffhanger Proves Writers Have No Idea About Season 11
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The show failed to deliver.

Despite being one of the most acclaimed melodramas of the past decade, Hallmark's When Calls the Heart suddenly found itself in the midst of a huge scandal, with fans threatening to stop watching the show after seeing the disgusting finale the writers came up with for Season 10.

For nearly three seasons, fans have been waiting to see Lucas and Elizabeth get married, but all those dreams were shattered in the penultimate episode of season 10, when Elizabeth broke up with Lucas, revealing that she wanted to stay in Hope Valley and had no intention of moving with him to Capitol City to assist him in his duties as governor.

Worst finale in ages

Needless to say, fans hated Elizabeth's decision and accused the writers of ruining the character by degrading her from a strong and independent woman to the selfish person she had become by the end of last season. However, it looks like the writers didn't stop at ruining one character, but instead chose to destroy the entire show.

In the season finale, when Lucas was finally elected as the new governor, fans were treated to a scene where he was confronted by an unknown man who seemed to be attacking the newly elected governor.

The very next scene showed Elizabeth and Nathan almost revealing their feelings for each other, only to be interrupted by Bill, who revealed that Lucas was in danger and that both Elizabeth and Nathan needed to help him. Yes, that is how the season ended.

A cheap tactic

Fans hated that the writers decided to end the season with Lucas seemingly being attacked, because the thought of using such a tactic to bring viewers back for the next season is pretty cheap and awful. Instead of wrapping things up on a positive or even heartbreaking note, the writers opted for a banal cliffhanger that left people worried for the life of a beloved character.

This cliffhanger is made even more cheesy by the fact that Hallmark has already confirmed that Lucas' actor Chris McNally will be a part of Season 11, which means that the man will surely be alright in the premiere episode. Yikes.

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