Virgin River Wouldn't Have Been So Dramatic Had Jack Done One Thing Right

Virgin River Wouldn't Have Been So Dramatic Had Jack Done One Thing Right
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Given how logical it would've been, it's strange that he didn't.


  • Virgin River is Netflix's top drama series.
  • Some of the show's drama could have been avoided.
  • Jack has proven foolish to have trusted Charmaine.
  • One standard procedure would've nipped VR's key dramatic arc in the bud.

It's been two months since Season 5 of Virgin River came out, but it remains a hot topic among fans. That's no surprise, as the show has been Netflix's most popular romantic drama since its 2019 debut. Following the residents of the titular small town in Northern California, VR has given us many stories to get hooked on. But there's also been plenty of drama on the show.

While there have been many tragic events involving various characters in Virgin River, the bulk of the drama revolves around the show's two main characters – Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan. Indeed, their romance has been the central focus of the entirety of VR, as viewers have watched them come together and break apart on numerous occasions and for various reasons. Interestingly, the biggest dramatic moment could have been avoided if Jack had done one very logical thing.

Jack & Charmaine's Arc

Every fan remembers that Jack and Mel's biggest breakup happened because of Charmaine, the woman Jack dated before Melinda. As the show's main antagonist, Charmaine tied Jack down with her pregnancy, claiming that he was the father of the baby, which eventually turned out to be twins.

However, this did not help their relationship in the least, as Jack agreed to take care of his future kids, but refused to be with Charmaine. And even though he eventually got back together with Mel, his pregnant ex continued to be a major nuisance in their lives. Finally, Season 5 revealed that Jack was not, in fact, the twins' father, leading many viewers to wonder if the character had ever questioned it himself.

Paternity Test

Virgin River is set in the modern world, which means that its characters enjoy all the technological advances that we do. In that sense, it would not have been difficult for Jack to get a paternity test to determine if he was the father of Charmaine's unborn children. Given her deceitful nature, it would've been the right thing to do.

'He should have questioned the paternity of the twins from her well timed pregnancy from the get go!!! Taking her word for it and being willing to practically go broke from attorneys fees made zero sense without proof of paternity!' one Redditor wrote. 'Jack broke up with her and her well timed pregnancy to trap him wasn't questioned. Then after all the crap she puts Jack and Mel through she just says "oh never mind." Nope. She's a liar and paternity needs to be proven!'

Moreover, such a test is a standard procedure in custody battles. Most importantly, it would have been the logical thing to do under the circumstances.

'I assumed (wrongfully so) that paternity would be a natural part of the custody case… but logic and reason doesn't exist in VR,' another Reddit user quipped.

Virgin River returns on November 30 with two Christmas episodes.

Source: Reddit.

Do you like Virgin River as is or would you rather Jack had had a paternity test performed?