Virgin River's Hottest Couple: Why Jack and Mel Are the Ultimate OTP

Virgin River's Hottest Couple: Why Jack and Mel Are the Ultimate OTP
Image credit: Netflix

The main couple of the romantic show are definitely the one for the ages.

The Netflix romance series centers on LA nurse Mel Monroe, who decides to leave her life in the metropolis after losing her husband and unborn child and move to a small California town to start afresh. In this town, Mel will find a new job, meet the love of her life Jack Sheridan, and even get pregnant again. And it looks like Mel's choice of a romantic partner was just right since viewers describe their pairing as the best couple in Virgin River.

Apart from the fact that Mel and Jack look simply gorgeous together, they both care deeply for each other, and people are pretty sure that a great mutual love will eventually blossom out of such a romance.

All the scenes with them are passionate and sincere, and some fans even claim that Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson don't look like they are acting at all. Seeing the amazing chemistry between Mel and Jack, many first-time viewers aren't willing to believe the two actors are not together in real life.

In fact, there is a good reason for why the couple's relationship is so strong, as both characters have been severely traumatized by life: Mel has suffered an unthinkable loss that has plunged her into depression, and Jack has had problems with alcoholism and mental instability. These two wounded souls understand and support each other perfectly, and even the thought of them breaking up seems silly.

But their romance is part of Virgin River's fictional universe, and some viewers are curious about how their relationship would have turned out in real life.

Surprisingly, most of the fandom agrees this would be a complete train wreck.

For one, Mel's inability to think about anything other than pregnancy might seem cute in the series, but in real life, it would be a sad sight. And while Jack's constant outbursts may be an important part of his redemption arc in Virgin River, they would be an obvious red flag to a non-fictional Mel.

But thankfully Virgin River is far from being realistic, which makes Jack and Mel's relationship an enjoyable spectacle to watch. Leaving speculations about their real-life romance aside, fans are eager to see more of this storyline unfold on the screen.