VIDEO: Prom Pact Going Viral on TikTok After Disney Caught Using AI

VIDEO: Prom Pact Going Viral on TikTok After Disney Caught Using AI
Image credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Disney's latest release has caused a huge controversy.

It's no secret that WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes have derailed dozens of major Hollywood movies and shows, as it's literally impossible to film projects without actors and writers on board. And while most fans had no idea why the unions decided to go on strike, the answer to that question is quite obvious - actors and writers are simply afraid of losing their jobs to AI, which in recent years has proven capable of writing great scripts and even mimicking actors to a certain degree.

Even though many people think that AI replacing actors is still a sci-fi idea, the reality is that this method has already been tested by some of the major film studios, and Disney's latest movie is the proof.

Blink and you miss it

We are, of course, talking about Prom Pact, a new teen comedy produced specifically for the Disney + streaming service. And while the movie was released back in March this year to decent reviews from fans and critics alike, it has recently come under fire for the most unexpected reason possible - replacing extras with AI.

The idea that a movie shot well before the strikes began would use AI to cut down on the cost of extras may sound absurd to many, but with thousands of actors in LA willing to work for basically nothing, one fan managed to post a video proving that the Prom Pact crew is indeed guilty of this shameful practice.

As you can see, a long line of people sitting on the bleachers in the school gym were definitely created by AI, as some of them look so creepy that staring at them for a long time makes your skin crawl.

These models look more like mannequins than real people, so fans began to wonder why Disney decided to use AI in this scene at all, since hiring extras would be much more beneficial to the quality of the scene.

Perhaps the producers simply thought that no one would notice these creepy characters, but the fact that everyone did proves once again that the SAG and WGA strikes were fighting for the right thing.