Twilight Saga's Biggest Betrayal: Fans Furious Over This Cut Scene from Eclipse

Twilight Saga's Biggest Betrayal: Fans Furious Over This Cut Scene from Eclipse
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Twilight is going through its second wave of popularity, and just like the first time around, fans are divided between the two main love interests of protagonist Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.

It seems that the confrontation between vampires and werewolves has never been as strong as in this love triangle.

However, the battle has always felt unequal because Bedward, as fans call the ship between Bella and Edward, is canon and the two characters share a lot of screen time and cute little moments together, while those who ship Jella (Jacob and Bella) have to survive on crumbs.

Jacob and Bella shared very few scenes together, and most of them were spent fighting. What's more, the creators robbed Jella shippers of a very important scene that could actually turn more heads for Team Jacob.

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The scene cut from Eclipse, the third installment of the franchise, was an adaptation of a sweet Jella moment from Stephenie Meyer's book.

In the movie, Bella kissed Jacob on a mountaintop after he became jealous of her and Edward's engagement. After the kiss, she realized that she loved Edward more than Jacob. But in the book, the moment was much more heartwarming.

During the kiss, Bella imagines having a family and a long human life with Jacob. She even imagines their children, something she thought Edward could never give her.

According to the script, the movie was supposed to feature a montage of happy moments shared by the alternate Bella and Jacob: sitting on a porch together, having their first child, spending time with their parents and kids, welcoming grown children home from college for the holidays, playing with grandchildren.

The idea that this heartwarming alternate future scene was filmed but never released infuriates Jella fans. They feel that if this scene had not been cut, many more people would be Team Jacob because he could give Bella the simple, happy life she craved. Also, this scene proved that Bella's feelings for Jacob were underplayed in the movies. She obviously cared deeply for him.

But why was the scene deleted in the first place? Director David Slade told in an interview that the reason was strictly technical: the makeup used to make Bella and Jacob look old was too awful on screen. What a shame!