Twilight's Spinoff Would Fix Breaking Dawn's Grossest Plot Twist

Twilight's Spinoff Would Fix Breaking Dawn's Grossest Plot Twist
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There seems to be a way to undo Twilight's most controversial moment.

Stephenie Meyer's bestselling book series about an ordinary girl's crush on a centenarian vampire was a hit even before the film adaptation was released, but it was the film series starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart that made Twilight a cult hit.

Although the films ended 11 years ago, fans are still dreaming of some sort of spinoff, and there seems to be a great reason for that.

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In the finale of Breaking Dawn, it was revealed that Jacob, who had been in love with Bella since the very first part, had been imprinted with her daughter Renesmee. Fans were, of course, greatly frightened by this, as they wondered who would have thought that getting a grown man to get romantically involved with a baby girl would be a great idea.

And while Renesmee was growing up much faster than children usually do, even the thought of adult Renesmee and Jacob being together made fans shudder in disgust.

Here's how a proposed spinoff might fix this controversial storyline.

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Fans have long argued that making a new Twilight series with Renesmee as the main character would be a great idea, as both Stewart and Pattinson are unlikely to ever repeat their roles. So, by making Renesmee the new protagonist, the producers could present fans with a whole new storyline, and the great supernatural abilities of Bella's daughter would certainly make her a force to be reckoned with.

And even though Jacob is imprinted with her, he shouldn't even be part of Renesmee's storyline. It would have been a great idea to kill Jacob before the supposed spinoff even began, eliminating the controversial storyline and setting up a good revenge arc for Renesmee all at once.

Fans are definitely not ready for Jacob to date the girl he saw as a toddler, as not only does it look pretty creepy, but it would also ruin fans' love for Taylor Lautner's character.

Hollywood should heed this idea, as a Twilight spinoff would definitely make a lot of money at the box office.