Top 5 Lesser-Known Legal Dramas to Obsess Over

Top 5 Lesser-Known Legal Dramas to Obsess Over
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These five deserve way more recognition than they get.

With viewers most excited about the upcoming release of CBS' Elsbeth, the prequel to such hits as The Good Wife and The Good Fight, many people may be in the mood for some legal dramas.

So if popular procedurals like NCIS and Law & Order don't work for you, here are five lesser-known shows to watch.

All Rise (2019-2023, 3 seasons, 7.0)

This CBS legal drama is unlike anything you've seen before. While most shows in the genre follow either the prosecution or the defense, All Rise revolves around both judges and both sides of a trial. Set in modern day Los Angeles, the series delves into many relevant issues such as BLM, the Covid-19 pandemic, and tackles the flaws in the American justice system.

The show also explores the personal lives of its main characters, Judge Lola Carmichael, Deputy DA Mark Callan and Public Defense Attorney Emily Lopez, which are full of intriguing twists and turns.

Shark (2006-2008, 2 seasons, 7.1)

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Another CBS legal drama on the list, it follows a former defense attorney who becomes a prosecutor in an attempt to atone for his past actions – Sebastian Stark helped a wife abuser avoid prison, resulting in the woman's death. Eager to use his legal skills and unorthodox methods to put criminals behind bars, the man begins his career anew while navigating the rapids of his personal life.

Family Law (2021-present, 2 seasons, 7.2)

This Canadian series centers on troubled lawyer/recovering alcoholic Abigail Bianchi, who publicly disgraced herself in court when she vomited on her client while intoxicated. With her career seemingly ruined, she lands a job at her estranged father's family law firm. Now, Abigail must navigate the field of law she's never ventured into before and manage her relationships with her dysfunctional family.

Drop Dead Diva (2009-2014, 6 seasons, 7.5)

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You may think this legal fantasy dramedy is silly, but it has an intriguing plot revolving around Deb Dobkins, a young Californian model who dies in a car accident but is resurrected in the body of a talented litigator. Possessing both immense legal knowledge and beauty queen charm, Brooke Elliott's character wins cases and tries to rebuild her personal life.

Silk (2011-2014, 3 seasons, 8.0)

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There's probably only one thing you need to know about this BBC show. It was written by Peter Moffat, a former barrister, and is based on his own experiences at the bar. Based on a group of barristers from a number of London criminal chambers, Silk is named after the silk wigs worn by Britain's top litigators – Queen's (now King's) Counsels – the position coveted by the show's main character, Martha Castello. But to achieve her ambition, Martha must navigate the complexities of the British legal system, the intrigues of her colleagues at the bar, and her own personal drama.