Tom Sandoval’s Vanderpump Rules Salary Is Ridiculously Huge

Tom Sandoval’s Vanderpump Rules Salary Is Ridiculously Huge
Image credit: globallookpress

Bravo TV certainly does not skimp on paying its stars.

We are all quite accustomed to celebrities receiving substantial paychecks for their work on television. Indeed, the allure of television attracts thousands of viewers, with even the stars of seemingly frivolous reality shows earning significantly more than the average worker.

However, the financial figures occasionally are so mind-bogglingly huge that they leave us gasping.

Bravo TV's Vanderpump Rules is one such show. It has been on air since 2013, spanning ten seasons. As a spin-off of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the show revolves around Lisa Vanderpump and her restaurant chain, including SUR Restaurant & Lounge, Pump Restaurant, and Tom Tom Restaurant & Bar, scattered throughout West Hollywood. It also delves into the lives of the establishments' staff.

The show has been so successful that it now boasts two spin-offs of its own. Given this level of popularity, it's no wonder how much some cast members get paid.

Tom Sandoval has been a part of the show since its inception, so it's only natural that his paychecks are larger than those of many other cast members. He has undoubtedly negotiated his salary on Vanderpump Rules over the years. Initially, the show's cast members reportedly earned a mere $10,000 per episode for the first five seasons.

In 2017, their salaries increased to $25,000 per episode, with the actors earning an average of $600,000 for a twenty-four-episode season. But how much was Sandoval making?

As of today, Tom Sandoval's net worth stands at an impressive $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

While it's difficult to determine how much of this came directly from Vanderpump Rules and how much from his other ventures, such as music, acting in other projects, business investments, and social media advertising, simple calculations suggest that more than half would have come from Vanderpump Rules.

It's important to note that Tom Sandoval has other sources of income.

He is the lead singer of a band called The MOST Extras that he occasionally does live performances with. Furthermore, he has invested in several restaurant businesses, with Vanderpump Rules' TomTom Restaurant & Bar being just one example. Sandoval also co-authored a mixology book with his VPR co-star and ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix.

While Sandoval's publicity also generates revenue through advertising, it's safe to say that Vanderpump Rules has played a significant role in making him wealthy.