Tiktok Backlash Against Ginny on Ginny & Georgia Leaves Fans Confused

Image credit: Netflix

Fans think there is too much hatred for one of the show's main characters.

Netflix's drama series about a 30-year-old mother and her 15-year-old daughter relocating to a new city after a traumatic incident has quietly emerged as a hit for the streaming platform. With the second season holding a spot in the top 10 Netflix shows for nearly two months, Ginny & Georgia has gained momentum as more viewers have been discovering it.

Overall, the series has been well-received thanks to its strong character development. However, Ginny has recently come under fire from numerous TikTok users.

Fans of the series are surprised to learn that Ginny is indeed hated on TikTok, with thousands of people on there describing her as immature and obnoxious.

While disliking a character for her personality is not uncommon, many fans got triggered by TikTokers' claims that Ginny does not deserve her mother, given how ungrateful she's been after everything Georgia has done for her.

Fans were understandably shocked by the revelation that Georgia had poisoned her ex-husband Kenny after he inappropriately touched Ginny. While Georgia's actions may have been motivated by a desire to protect her daughter, they also created a new, even worse trauma for Ginny to grapple with. As a result, Ginny's behaviour has become erratic, and a rift opened up between her and her mother.

Fans are sad that Ginny is hated, as the writers did a great job of creating her character with all her problems, quirks, and idiosyncrasies, making her a realistic teenager.

If people on Tik Tok want to hate someone on the show, then Georgia is a far better candidate, as her decision to play God has led to huge problems for her and her daughter.

Ginny is just a child, so her inability to behave properly is understandable, while her mother's actions have been very questionable indeed, and she's supposed to be the adult in the family.

Fans are calling on TikTokers to stop throwing shade at Ginny, arguing that if her detractors watch the series, they will quickly realise there is much more to Ginny than her outward spoiled brat persona.