Tia Kofi is Still the Undisputed Queen of Exit Lines on RuPaul's Drag Race

Tia Kofi is Still the Undisputed Queen of Exit Lines on RuPaul's Drag Race
Image credit: BBC Three

The beloved British queen, Tia Kofi, surprised RuPaul and fans alike with her iconic exit line.

RuPaul's Drag Race UK has become one of the most popular spin-offs of the hit reality show, largely due to RuPaul herself hosting it.

The British queens' distinct sense of humour, unique style, and quirky mannerisms provide fans with a fresh take on drag culture. Among the talented British queens, Tia Kofi stands out as the most memorable.

Although Tia did not win the competition and was eliminated in Episode 6, she made a lasting impression on RuPaul and the fans with her wit and unconventional outfits. Despite some of her looks being underdeveloped and poorly executed, Tia's bold performance style resonated with fans, who adored her even more after her surprising exit line.

Tia’s unexpected comment made the entire judging panel laugh, and even RuPaul commended Tia for her courage. Although she was still eliminated, she left a lasting impact on everyone.

Fans have hailed Tia's exit line as the best in RuPaul's history, including the original show. Drag has always been about boldness, and Tia epitomised that spirit.

Recent rumours suggest that Tia Kofi may compete in the upcoming Drag Race UK vs The World 2, and fans are psyched to see her return, anticipating more iconic lines. While she may not win the crown in the upcoming show, one thing is certain: her exit line will be just as iconic.