This TVD Scene Will Give You So Much Secondhand Embarrassment, You'll Never Watch It Again

This TVD Scene Will Give You So Much Secondhand Embarrassment, You'll Never Watch It Again
Image credit: The CW

Or actually, you may rewatch it — just to experience that cringy TVD vibe again.

The CW's The Vampire Diaries was one of the most popular romantic series during its run, as fans loved how the creators managed to maintain a perfect balance between romantic affairs and well-shot action scenes.

However, even though the show's success was monumental, people generally disliked the acting by the main cast, and Nina Dobrev was the most common offender in this area, making even the most heartfelt scenes with Elena Gilbert unbearable to watch.

In Season 4, Elena is struggling to come to terms with Jeremy's second death (yes, characters on The Vampire Diaries tend to die a lot) and decides to do the craziest thing of all — burn down her house with Jeremy's body inside.

While the scene was skillfully shot and the music was really dramatic, the whole sequence fell apart thanks to Dobrev's subpar acting. Fans didn't buy her emotions at all, calling her performance shallow and downright cringy.

However, not all viewers agree with the statement, with many actually saying that the scene was brilliant and Dobrev's performance in it was spot-on. Though some people admit that the scene made them cry, the naysayers believe that the emotional impact was caused mainly by the scene's writing rather than the actress' performance.

Naturally, saying goodbye to a beloved character like Jeremy is heartbreaking (even though he was later resurrected), but according to the fans, Nina Dobrev's acting really ruined the tragedy of the moment because her emotions just weren't right.

But despite the fact most people can't stand that scene, fans also made it very clear that the show doesn't suffer badly because of it. No matter how corny certain scenes or episodes of The Vampire Diaries are, that seems to be the one quality that attracts people to it, making them want to rewatch the beloved series over and over again.

So Elena's nervous breakdown and subsequent fire may be really excruciating to watch, but it somehow makes fans love The Vampire Diaries even more, proving that guilty pleasure is still pleasure, after all.