This New Character Takes the Crown as Virgin River's Most Hated

This New Character Takes the Crown as Virgin River's Most Hated
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You'll never guess who it is.

Since its premiere in 2019, Virgin River has been one of the most popular shows on Netflix. The romantic drama, revolving around Mel Monroe, who recently lost her husband and decided to move and start her life afresh, garnered fan appreciation following its release and soon became a hit show. As of 2023, it has run for five seasons, with two Christmas specials set to be released soon.

Throughout the show's five-year run, it has presented us with a myriad of characters, some of whom have been loveable and fascinating, while others have been obnoxious and annoying. And as far as the latter category is concerned, the latest fifth installment has certainly delivered.

Virgin River's Annoying Squad

In many respects, Virgin River is a typical romantic drama. It features well-defined protagonists – Mel, Jack, and Preacher – and clear-cut antagonists – Charmaine and Melissa. Perhaps for this reason, we have never had questions about whom to sympathize with and whom to be annoyed by, as some characters are simply insufferable.

Thus, Charmaine has consistently been the most disliked character on Virgin River. Additionally, Hope, the titular town's mayor, has always struggled to gain fan appreciation despite never being portrayed as an antagonist. Even Melinda herself has been described as irritating on a few occasions due to her mannerisms. However, with season 5's arrival, a new character has taken the crown of the most hated individual in Virgin River.

Excessively Free-Spirited Firefighter

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Introduced to the show as a member of the rescue team that arrived to help Virgin River handle wildfires in season 5, Kaia Bryant now holds the title of the most annoying character. Many viewers see her as a troubled woman with commitment issues who can't resist her base urges.

That is particularly evident in Kaia and Preacher's romantic arc. A fan-favorite underdog, Preacher believes that he's finally found his true love. However, Kaia, who's avoiding her husband, is treating their relationship as just another fling. She doesn't consider the potential consequences of her actions and behaves like a teenager, inciting the audience's ire.

'Kaia is a little sleazy, I wish they would drop the hot seductive act and have her and Preacher live through something that would make them fall in love, not in lust, and have a meaningful romance,' a Redditor pointed out.

We couldn't agree more with this assessment. In any case, it should be interesting to see what happens to Kaia in the Christmas specials set to be released on 30th November.

Source: Reddit.

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