This Character Fans Are Most Psyched to See in House of the Dragon Season 2

This Character Fans Are Most Psyched to See in House of the Dragon Season 2
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HBO's new fantasy show is just starting, and many great characters are slated to appear in future seasons.

George R. R. Martin has proven once again that he is one of the greatest fantasy writers of our time, as House of the Dragon, based on his novel Fire & Blood, broke multiple records and became a central talking point for all television fans last year. And it looks like Martin and HBO have no intention of ending the series anytime soon, as there could be enough source material in the book for at least eight more seasons.

So who is the most anticipated new character in season two, and why are some Game of Thrones fans apprehensive about seeing him so soon?

Discussing HBO's plans for the series on Reddit, fans instantly agreed that the most interesting character that will be appearing in season two is Cregan Stark, known as the Wolf of the North.

This formidable lord is often mentioned in the original books as one of the greatest Starks, as his ferocious personality, superb swordsmanship and unbreakable loyalty to the North made him a force to be reckoned with. Although Cregan played a considerable role in the Dance of the Dragons, his influence only grew towards the end of the civil war, so why are fans expecting to see him as early as season two?

The answer is surprisingly simple: Gregan is a Stark, and people love the Starks.

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Many fans noted that it felt plain weird watching a Game of Thrones spinoff and not seeing a single Stark in it, given that a bunch of Starks featured so prominently in the original series.

Perhaps, HBO will try and rectify this situation by introducing Gregan into House of the Dragon earlier, possibly as a supporting character, to build him up before he becomes a major shaker and mover towards the end of the Civil War.

Some fans, however, fear HBO might feel they have to radically change the original book's story if they introduce Gregan into the plot too early. They may even create an entirely new storyline for him and deviate from the source material even further. And while fans do want to see Gregan in the series, many would rather wait for him to be brought in at the right time.