Think DC and Marvel Don't Mix? This Star Will Prove You Wrong

Think DC and Marvel Don't Mix? This Star Will Prove You Wrong
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The casting isn't a solid deal though.


  • Marvel and DC fans can't find common ground.
  • The gap between the two studios might shrink in the near future.
  • A Marvel star is about to portray a major DC villain.

In the world of superhero movies, there are two groups of people – Marvel fans and DC fans. Seemingly out of all the people in the world, they can't agree on recognizing the other's right to enjoy something they don't. The argument between the two groups goes beyond which studio's films are more interesting or even more compelling. Their audiences also debate whose actors are more famous and talented. But it seems that this particular divide between the two studios will soon be bridged.

Usually, DC and Marvel movies don't feature the same actors. In fact, it is quite convenient for audiences to avoid confusing the characters and their respective cinematic universes. But with the arrival of James Gunn as DC's new CEO, reality is about to change. As a result, the director's upcoming flick, Superman: Legacy, may feature a beloved Marvel star.

Nicholas Hoult Is in Consideration to Play Lex Luthor

Before taking the helm at DC, James Gunn was well-known for his contributions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. The most recent installment of the film series came out in spring, though the director had been the head of a rival studio for over a year by that time. And it seems that Gunn's transition from Marvel to DC is shattering the lines between the companies.

For instance, the star of Marvel's X-men franchise, Nicholas Hoult, who has portrayed Beast in five films of the series, is being considered for the role of Superman's arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor.

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Although the actor and DC have been in the negotiations since before the SAG-AFTRA strike broke, no details concerning a potential deal have been disclosed.

Room for Confusion?

Naturally, some people may be pretty skeptical about Hoult's casting as a main DC character, given his extensive past involvement with Marvel. The argument is obvious: there might arise a great deal of confusion between fans of the studios. Yet, it seems feeble. After all, the actor has had a long and eventful career, playing a variety of roles, including Nux in Mad Max: Fury Road, produced by Warner Bros. which owns DC.

Moreover, now that The Great has been canceled, Nicholas Hoult has spare time to dedicate it to a major project such as Superman: Legacy. Hopefully, the actor will get the part of Luthor, and we'll see the iconic villain in a refreshed form.

Do you think it's okay for Marvel and DC to star the same actors?