These Gorgeous Celebs Beg to Differ on Their Own Attractiveness

Image credit: Legion-Media

8 celebrities who still aren’t convinced they are beautiful.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina is a real sex symbol of our time, admired by both male and female audiences. One of the actress' prominent features is her plump lips. Many girls have turned to beauty specialists wishing to reproduce Jolie's stunning lips, but the star herself never found them attractive — in fact, she used to be mocked at school because her classmates thought her lips were too big.

Julia Roberts

Hollywood's "Pretty Woman" also never considered herself pretty: Julia thought she was too tall and her mouth was too big. But her big smile proved to be charming, and the actress' long legs have been admired by male viewers. Today, the actress is less critical of her appearance, though she still isn't satisfied with it.

Jennifer Lawrence

The actress has famously stated that she doesn't follow fashion trends and wouldn't diet to lose weight, so it would seem that Jennifer Lawrence is perfectly happy with her looks. However, it turns out that she does actually watch her diet because the actress thinks she's overweight — or even "obese" by Hollywood standards. Jennifer also wishes her breasts were smaller.


Looking from the outside, we know that Shakira is gorgeous — but the singer doesn't agree with the common view. It turns out that the only part of her body that Shakira likes is her belly, which is why she often keeps it uncovered. We agree: Shakira does have a lovely belly (and her belly dancing is amazing), but she should be less critical of her looks.

Scarlett Johansson

Like Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett thinks she's too chubby for Hollywood. She complains that everyone around her is so skinny, and she always feels fat. The actress' legs worry her the most.


Feeling fat seems to be a common complaint among celebrities — so Rihanna also joins the club. She was repeatedly advised to lose weight, but the singer admits she just isn't ready to go on a diet and change the way she looks. The star also complained she sometimes gets pimples on her face, which she finds very upsetting.

Penelope Cruz

In a world where Kim Kardashian sets the standard, it's hard to be satisfied with one's butt. Penelope Cruz isn't: the actress thinks her buttocks aren't fleshy enough. Cruz explains that she used to do ballet, which is why her backside is so slim. By the way, when filming in Volver, the actress did wear a fake butt. Overall, Penelope thinks she looks fine — but not "beautiful."

Cindy Crawford

The catwalk star is also self-conscious about her looks — and her breasts in particular. Cindy says they sagged a little, so the celeb tries to wear outfits that cover her chest.