These 5 Epic Fights Might Just Save The Witcher Season 4 After Cavill's Exit

These 5 Epic Fights Might Just Save The Witcher Season 4 After Cavill's Exit
Image credit: Netflix

These moments may add more emotion and depth.

Nothing seems to be able to save Lauren Schmidt Hissrich's TV adaptation of The Witcher book saga by Andrzej Sapkowski. The series got off to a rather decent start (though people unfamiliar with the source material might have been confused by the chronological jumble), but by Season 2 the series had already descended into a confusing mess of creative liberties, pointless scenes, and unimpressive costumes.

Fan interest was further damaged by the disappointing news that Henry Cavill, the show's main draw, would be leaving the project to be replaced by Liam Hemsworth. However, Netflix's The Witcher still might be worth another shot. After all, we can expect some incredibly intriguing fight scenes that will make up for all the live-action failures (if done right).

5. The Battle for the Bridge

Since Season 4 will be based on the novel Baptism of Fire and probably also on The Tower of the Swallow, we should expect an incredibly important battle during the Second Northern War, the so-called Battle for the Bridge on the Yaruga. Ironically, Geralt and his companions Dandelion, Cahir, Regis and Milva happened to be in the middle of the battle at the time and were instrumental in deciding the outcome in favor of the Northern Kingdoms.

4. Ciri vs. Skellen's assasins in Dun Dâre

In Baptism of Fire, the Nilfgaardian coroner Stefan Skellen sent a group of assassins to kill Falca (under whose name Ciri was hiding). However, Ciri, who had been taught sword skills by Geralt, easily defeated four grown men in an unequal battle, proving her ability to take care of herself.

3. Leo Bonhart murdering The Rats

Season 4 will introduce a new character, the ruthless bounty hunter Leo Bonhart. Meanwhile, we have yet to attach to The Rats, the gang of delinquents who have rescued Ciri. In his hunt for the latter, Bonhart has killed kids in the most gruesome ways.

2. Ciri vs. Skellen, his gang and Rience

One of the most epic and justifiable fights was the final one in The Tower of the Swallow. Skellen's group and Rience, who had joined them in search of Ciri, found themselves on a frozen lake.

But the girl showed her wits, using her ice skates and hiding in the mist to deal with each of the villains responsible for her and the others' suffering.

1. Yennefer vs. Vilgefortz

Yennefer is arguably the most powerful sorceress on the Continent. But even her skills pale in comparison to those of the cunning Vilgefortz. As a result, their clash, if it happens in Season 4, promises to be the most epic ever, a battle between two incredibly powerful mages.