There Are 3 Maze Runner Movies as of 2023: Here's How to Watch Them in Order

There Are 3 Maze Runner Movies as of 2023: Here's How to Watch Them in Order
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When it comes to movie franchises, knowing the order in which to watch the films is essential to understanding the bigger picture and how everything is connected.

The first Maze Runner came out in 2014, and fans fell in love with the sci-fi, dystopian, high-adrenaline ride about adventure, survival, and friendship. If you haven’t watched it, add it to your list; if you have, it’s worth a rewatch.

If you’re going to do it, do it right. Here’s the order you need to watch the Maze Runner films, and how each one leads to the next.


The Maze Runner (2014) introduces Thomas, who wakes up in a lift and finds himself trapped in a maze with a group of boys. They must find a way out of the maze while avoiding dangerous creatures called Grievers. Thomas is unwilling to accept that he is trapped there, whilst other members of the self-sustaining community have long since given up. He joins the Runners, a group who enter the maze in an attempt to map it out and find an escape.

The movie ends with a shocking revelation and everything feels like it's hanging in the balance.

The second movie to watch is Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015)

The second movie in the trilogy continues the story after the group escapes the maze, and largely follows them as they navigate the dangerous and desolate landscape of the Scorch, the world left behind after a deadly virus wiped out most of humanity.

The movie ends with a cliffhanger, setting up the events of the third and final installment.

Maze Runner: Death Cure (2018) is the final movie in the trilogy. Filming of the final installment was delayed by a year due to Dylan O’Brien suffering an injury on set that resulted in brain trauma and facial fractures.

The movie follows Thomas and his group as they infiltrate the organization that kidnapped their friends. The movie marks a darker turn in the trilogy with the death of a beloved character.

Everything reaches a satisfying conclusion as survivors find a peaceful paradise where they can rebuild their lives, the ending, however, just felt too soon.

Was Death Cure the last of the Maze Runner movies? Many believed it wasn’t.

Back in 2019, there were talks about a new Maze Runner movie being in development, but after 4 years, there is still nothing. What’s the hold-up?

The Maze Runner movies were adaptations of the books, of the same name, by James Dashner, with his next two books, The Kill Order and The Fever Code, yet to be brought to life on screen.

Still, Maze Runner screenwriter T.S Nowlin explained that as it stood, the three existing movies served as a beginning, middle, and end, and should be left at that.