Then and Now: See the Cast of Charlie's Angels 20 Years Later

Image credit: Legion-Media

Still kicking ass: how the Charlie's Angels cast has maintained their iconic status.

Lucy Liu

Petite Lucy Liu was much older than her co-stars on the set of the movie Charlie's Angels, but that did not prevent her from getting the title of Charlie's sexiest private investigator. Lucy's acting career was more than successful because of her talent and the ability to stand up for herself.

The actress never let anyone hurt her on the set, so there were always heated scandals circulating around her. But luckily for Lucy, the public was always on her side. In 2019, Lucy Liu became the only one of Charlie's Angels to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After that, the actress' career took a back seat as she became more serious about art. In the same 2019, Liu opened her first exhibition in New York.

But little is known about the private life of the actress. She has never been married, and the paparazzi have never caught her in the company of famous boyfriends. However, Lucy honestly told the public that her child was born through a surrogate: the fact is that Liu was not ready to leave her career for the sake of pregnancy.

Drew Barrymore

Loud and feisty Dylan Sanders was portrayed by Drew Barrymore, who shares a lot of the traits with her character. Dylan is remembered by audiences for her determination and initiative.

Drew Barrymore herself never misses an opportunity. After the release of Charlie's Angels Barrymore's career took off: the actress starred in more than a dozen films, was engaged in modeling and even fashion design. But later Drew focused more on producing. Together with a friend Barrymore founded a company called Flower Films, which produced films Donnie Darko and Music and Lyrics.

A resounding career success had no effect on the girl. A few years after the release of Charlie's Angels, Drew became a UN Goodwill Ambassador and donated more than $1 million to charity programs.

By the way, Barrymore dismisses all rumors and speculations that true friendship does not exist in Hollywood. Back on the set of Charlie's Angels, the actress became friends with Cameron Diaz. Now, 22 years after the film, they remain close friends.

Cameron Diaz

Natalie Cooke made the audience fall in love with her charm and funny jokes. And we love Cameron Diaz, who played the role, just as much for her great sense of humor.

Charlie's Angels was definitely not a pinnacle of her career, the actress was already known around the world when she agreed to star in the film. But the role of Natalie Cook cemented her status as a femme fatale. Diaz's track record at the end of her career consisted of at least 70 films, most of which received positive feedback from the audience.

In 2018, despite having a lot of film offers, Cameron decided to end her acting career, putting her family first. Although the actress took pride in being childfree before the age of 40, her marriage to musician Benji Madden has forced her to reconsider the attitude toward children.

At the end of 2019, Cameron Diaz became a mother and now devotes all her energy to raising the daughter. However, in 2022, the actress suddenly announced her return to the world of cinema.