The Worst Parents on Law & Order: SVU, According to Reddit

The Worst Parents on Law & Order: SVU, According to Reddit
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The long-running crime series had its share of awful people, but these two were beyond comprehension.

NBC's biggest procedural drama has been on the air for nearly 25 years, each week offering fans a fresh stand-alone crime story with inventive plot twists, unique detective work, and serious consequences for all parties involved. Because the show's writing staff is as extensive as its cast of recurring characters, it's not surprising that the quality varies from episode to episode, and the best stories always explore the darkest sides of human nature.

But sometimes it seems as if the SVU writers are trying more to shock the viewer than to tell a coherent story, plunging fans into the abyss of disgusting people and their dubious actions.

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Fans have finally decided to find out who are the worst parents in all of SVU by discussing this unusual topic on Reddit, and it looks like we have a definitive answer. Many instantly remembered an episode titled "Raw" (season 7, episode 6), which begins as horribly as it possibly can – a six-year-old child is killed in a school shooting.

A team of detectives led by Elliot Stabler investigated all the evidence, questioned all the troubled teens, shady teachers, and other potential perpetrators, but seemed as far from the truth as they could possibly be. Until they discovered a connection to a right-wing extremist group that was using terrorist acts to advance their agenda.

But what does this have to do with parents, you may ask. The fact is that after the leaders of the group were brought to trial, a terrible truth was revealed – the terrorists did not attack the school for ideological reasons, but were hired to do so. Fans were shocked to learn that the foster parents of the murdered boy had paid these criminals to kill their son, hoping to get life insurance money. Yes, it really does seem like a plan that only a deranged psychopath could come up with. Fans have never forgotten the story, calling these parents the worst in the entire show.