The Voice 24' New Record? Caleb Sasser's Audition Gets a 4-Chair Turn Within Seconds

The Voice 24' New Record? Caleb Sasser's Audition Gets a 4-Chair Turn Within Seconds
Image credit: NBC

It looks like the season has already found its leader.

While The Voice is still deemed the premier reality singing competition on the air, it's evident that the show is currently facing a challenging period. Not only did longtime coach Blake Shelton depart before Season 24, but ratings and viewer interest have also significantly declined over the past half-decade. However, it appears that the producers are striving to restore the show's cult status, and the latest set of coaches is irrefutable evidence of that.

Season 24 features John Legend, Gwen Stefani, Reba McEntire, and Niall Horan as celebrity coaches. The dynamic among them has already been demonstrated to be the highlight of the current season, as their exchanges are too thrilling to overlook. However, the main attraction of The Voice has always been the gifted contestants, and it seems Season 24 has already discovered its standout performer.

Four Chair Turn

There has been a plethora of four chair turns this season, which has left fans slightly apprehensive, given that this hardly ever happened in past seasons. Nonetheless, when all the coaches swiveled their chairs during the second round of the recent episode, fans were not at all disappointed, as singer Caleb Sasser was definitely worthy of the honor.

The 27-year-old North Carolina native astonished the coaches with his rendition of Toni Braxton's Another Sad Love Song, perfectly capturing the track's vibe with his remarkable voice, which compelled Niall and Gwen to turn their chairs the moment he began singing.

While Reba and John opted to wait a bit longer, they both turned around before the singer even reached the chorus, a rare occurrence on The Voice stage.

All the coaches were vying to have Caleb on their teams. Although the singer took a considerable amount of time to decide, he predictably chose John Legend as his coach, citing him as his most significant influence even before he set foot on stage.

Fans are confident that Caleb will excel this season, and it's easy to see why.

Do you think Caleb has what it takes to make it to the finals?