The Unfaithful Few: 6 Celebs Who Just Can't Stop Cheating

The Unfaithful Few: 6 Celebs Who Just Can't Stop Cheating
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These celebrities just can't resist the temptation to stray from their relationships.

David Duchovny

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In 2007, Duchovny became the star of Californication, playing the character Hank Moody who suffered hypersexuality and alcohol abuse. Soon after the release of the first season, the public began to discuss David's remarkable performance — as well as his numerous affairs. It seems that the actor had grown into the role so much, he confused reality with fiction: Duchovny became a true sex addict and could hardly resist a pretty girl.

Fortunately, David's wife, actress Téa Leoni, was compassionate and understanding: she forgave her husband and even helped him overcome the addiction. The actor stayed at a rehabilitation center for a while, but the treatment wasn't effective: David returned home and continued cheating on his wife.

Téa could no longer put up with his terrible behavior and filed for divorce. David's character in Californication manages to mend his ways and restore the relationship with the woman he loves — but in reality, the actor has lost his beloved wife, with whom he had two children.

Justin Timberlake

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Justin doesn't hide the fact that he was unfaithful to his wife, actress Jessica Biel. Several years ago, the artist released an autobiographical book, where he described his relationship with Biel. It turns out that they didn't feel love at first sight — or even second or third, for that matter. The stars would often meet at social events but didn't pay much attention to each other.

When they finally started dating, Justin wasn't sure if Jessica was the girl of his dreams, and he didn't think she would ever become his wife. That's why the artist thought it was appropriate to have affairs with other girls while in a relationship with Biel.

One of his fleeting romances was with actress Olivia Munn, who claimed that Justin deceived her by saying he had broken up with Jessica long ago. Munn was outraged by Timberlake's lie and dumped the artist immediately — unlike Jessica, who tolerated her boyfriend's behavior for quite some time, until one day, she also snapped and tried to leave Justin. However, at that point, Timberlake realized how much Biel means to him: he decided to do everything he could to make her stay… and even proposed to the girl.


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It seems that men never cheat on women like Beyoncé, but Jay-Z proved otherwise: to everyone's shock, the rapper revealed he had cheated on the singer — and now regrets it terribly.

The couple was on the verge of divorce, but fortunately, they managed to reconcile.

One of the ways the artists cope with their trauma is through creative work: many of Beyoncé's songs on Lemonade deal with the theme of infidelity, and Jay-Z asks his wife for forgiveness through his tracks on album 4:44.

Ben Affleck

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Actress Jennifer Garner was by Ben's side at just the right time when the actor had broken up with his ex-fiancée (now wife, as of 2022) Jennifer Lopez. The breakup occurred just a few days before the wedding, so Affleck had to face some very dark times. But Garner was his shoulder to lean on and, according to the actor, his new found wife also helped him overcome some of his bad habits.

However, gambling and extramarital affairs were just the two hobbies Affleck couldn't quit. Jennifer's patience came to an end when she learned that her husband cheated on her with the nanny of their three kids. No matter how hard the actor tried to find an excuse, all evidence was against him. The actress filed for divorce but stayed friends with Ben for the sake of their children.

Charlie Sheen

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Charlie is a true sexaholic, and he can't just go past another lady without hitting on her. The actor has been married three times and, unsurprisingly, all three of his wives had to put up with Sheen's infidelity.

By his own admission, Charlie slept with about five thousand women. Once, the actor was dating two gorgeous women, porn actress Bree Olson and model Natalie Kenly, and found himself so passionately in love with them, he asked them both to marry him. Alas, these infatuations have had unfortunate consequences for the actor who was diagnosed with HIV in 2015.

Jack Nicholson

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When he was young, Jack set an important goal for himself: to seduce as many women as he possibly could. The actor was married just once, in the 1960s, to actress Sandra Knight.

After their divorce, Nicholson continued to implement his plan and, according to his own count, has charmed about two thousand ladies.

There was just one woman who managed to tame the Hollywood womanizer: Nicholson had been in a relationship with actress Anjelica Huston for 17 years. Naturally, he couldn't stay completely faithful to partner: Jack cheated on her with actress Rebecca Broussard, with whom he had two children.