The Surprising Reason Kristen Stewart Wouldn't Date Twilight's Edward

The Surprising Reason Kristen Stewart Wouldn't Date Twilight's Edward
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The heartthrob vampire wasn't the perfect boyfriend.


  • Kristen Stewart doesn't think she would choose Edward as her boyfriend in real life.
  • The actress doesn't like the character's treatment of Bella.
  • Edward meant well, but he should have used a different tactic with Bella.

Although there are thousands of romance films, there are only a few truly memorable movie couples. Titanic's Rose and Jack and Twilight's Bella and Edward are the first to come to mind. But while the former duo weren't destined to be together in the end, the latter couple were paired for eternity, creating one of the most beloved love stories in cinema.

Based on Stephenie Meyers' novel cycle of the same name, The Twilight Saga is one of the most famous and successful movie franchises of all time, with five installments that have collectively grossed a whopping $3.35 billion at the box office. The franchise revolves around the love triangle among human girl Bella Swan, vampire Edward Cullen, and werewolf Jacob Black, and tells the story of Bella and Edward's romantic journey as they date, keep secrets, part, reunite, marry, and have a child together. But as iconic a couple as they are, they're not perfect, which is perhaps why Kristen Stewart, who played Bella in the saga, wouldn't want Edward as a real-life partner.

Too Patronizing to Like

Edward may seem like the perfect boyfriend, with his immaculate hair, beautiful smile, and kind and considerate demeanor, but he's not. Although he cared for Bella, protected her, and put her needs first, Edward proved to be rather dismissive of her opinions and condescending to her. He smothered Bella with his care and didn't let her make a decision without commenting on it. And in real life, Kristen Stewart would not tolerate that kind of behavior.

'He was trying to sort of control whether or not she made choices for herself. I would have broken up with him immediately,' the actress shared in a recent interview. 'I mean, if I was like, "Hey, I want to try that," and he was like, "No, this is just for me," I would be like, "Well, this is also just for me. My whole life. Without you."'

Good Intentions

Of course, it would be unfair to Edward not to recognize his efforts to protect Bella from other vampires and the dangers of his supernatural world, but as Kristen Stewart said, 'you have to let a girl make her own choices.' After all, a life partner is someone who agrees to grow old and more experienced with you, not someone who takes care of you like a parent. Long story short, be supportive, not patronizing to your partner!

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