The Scientific Reason You Can't Stop Watching Cheesy Hallmark Movies

The Scientific Reason You Can't Stop Watching Cheesy Hallmark Movies
Image credit: Hallmark

It looks like there is a perfect explanation for why these Hallmark movies arrive just in time for Christmas.

Have you ever wondered why people love to watch Hallmark holiday movies, even though they look the same and have no relatable writing, acting, or directing? Or maybe you find a guilty pleasure in curling up under a cozy blanket and watching a few movies about unlikely people falling in love in a matter of seconds?

Surprisingly, the effects of Hallmark movies have become the subject of scientific study, with media scientists determining the real reason why these movies have been the perfect Christmas comforters for millions of people over the years.

Pamela Rutledge, director of the Media Psychology Research Center, recently explained that Hallmark movies are specifically designed to look and feel predictable because that is what many people want.

People expect to feel good while watching Hallmark movies, and the producers cater to their desires by producing the cheesiest, but comfortable movies.

‘Those predictable story arcs that draw on the standard patterns we recognize from fairytales offer comfort by presenting life as simple and moralistic. Positive emotions such as hope, happiness, the value of connection, appreciation and gratitude are very powerful,’ Rutledge explained to NBC News.

Thus, even the bad acting that is generally found in Hallmark movies is perfectly explained - people know that what they are watching is not real, but this realization helps them to escape the stress of Christmas week much better. Hallmark serves as a kind of psychologist for its viewers, helping them to produce good emotions by presenting absurd and unbelievable plots in order to get as far away from stress and bad feelings as possible.

And it seems that fans agree with the scientists' view of Hallmark movies, revealing that most of them watch the movies not to make fun of them, but simply to take a break from their everyday lives. In a way, Hallmark reminds fans of junk food, which is sometimes more desirable than even some exotic cuisine.