The Rookie Fans in Chaos Over Chenford: Should the Writers Break Them Up?

Image credit: ABC

Fans are wondering if Bradford and Chen's relationship is in jeopardy.

The ABC crime drama centered on the oldest LAPD recruit John Nolan, played by Nathan Fillion, has always been praised for creating interesting supporting characters, some of whom even overshadowed the series' protagonist at some points.

Among the show's many bright secondary characters, Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen stood out in particular, especially since the two have been so close to each other. Viewers were over the moon when Tim and Lucy started dating, but now people are getting increasingly worried if the writers are going to separate the beloved couple.

Tim and Lucy have only recently started their romantic relationship, and viewers still can't get enough of this strong couple.

People applauded Tim for leaving the station for another one, trying to distance himself professionally from Lucy so as not to put their relationship in jeopardy. And this decision seems to have paid off: Tim has started his new storyline, while his romantic life is also developing.

But people are still concerned about what the future might hold for the couple, arguing that the writers might try to separate them in order to keep the overall storyline fresh.

Among the ideas on how to do this, fans are most afraid that they will kill off Tim: people say that the character has become an important part of The Rookie over the past five years, so excluding him from the series would really hurt its atmosphere. The other option is to simply force the couple to break up, but viewers are sure that won't happen any time soon — Tim and Lucy's romantic bond is now as strong as ever.

In general, fans are unequivocally against this development, with some even threatening to quit watching the series if the writers stage a breakup between Tim and Lucy.

The characters' joint storyline still has the potential to surprise and delight viewers, so why break them up at all? Many blame this on the modern television climate, noting that lots of other network shows constantly ruin interesting romantic relationships for the only reason of bringing in more unnecessary drama — and fans hope The Rookie writers won't opt for this dubious path.