The Rookie Fans Concerned Nolan Becoming Irrelevant to the Plot

Image credit: ABC

It looks like a different character may be at the center of the series in future seasons.

ABC's crime drama about LAPD's oldest rookie, John Nolan, played by television's greatest leading man Nathan Fillion, has been successfully running for five seasons, but now some fans are getting convinced that the series needs to change in order to survive into the future.

Since the show is called The Rookie, its main character should be the rookie himself, but with Nolan being part of the police service for five years already, people are wondering if another character could replace him as the primary protagonist.

Discussing the issue online, fans were quick to agree that Nolan has become an increasingly unimportant character in the last couple of seasons, as he does not really contribute to the development of the show's plot.

No longer a newcomer to the police force, Nolan is actually teaching new recruits, which puts the future of the series in doubt. How could the writers fix this and return to the winning formula that made The Rookie so popular in its first few seasons?

Fans suggest that another character could take the place of Nolan as the lead, with Fillion either becoming a supporting player or leaving the series altogether. Although the idea of the much-loved actor leaving is breaking people's hearts, many viewers are still upset with the way the writers are treating Nolan, as his current storylines seem insignificant and superficial.

People also discussed possible candidates for the lead role among the characters already introduced, and many agreed that Aaron Thorsen would be an ideal choice.

Given his interesting backstory as the son of a famous hip-hop artist and the fact he was accused and acquitted of murder, Aaron's redemption arc would be really fascinating to follow, according to some fans.

However, most of the audience still think that the writers will rectify the current situation with Nolan becoming more and more irrelevant with each episode by putting him into the series' spotlight once again and thus bringing The Rookie back to its former glory.