The Resident Fans Pitch a Dr. Bell Spin-off with Antony Starr, but is It a Good Idea?

Image credit: Fox

As the series seems to be approaching its end, fans are trying to come up with an idea for a spin-off.

The Fox medical drama about determined hospital staff trying to cure patients while battling bureaucracy has long been an established hit on the channel. People liked to see a more realistic view of doctors' work and praised Matt Czuchry for his performance as protagonist Dr. Conrad Hawkins.

But with no news of a seventh season renewal, it looks like The Resident has officially been canceled — and fans aren't thrilled about it, suggesting their ideas for a potential spin-off.

One of the show's most memorable characters is Dr. Randolph Bell, played by Bruce Greenwood, who went from being a villain in season one to a truly beloved character by the last season. Fans are at pains to see him go, arguing that a spin-off centered on Bell's younger years and his path to becoming chief of surgery could be a winning idea for viewers and Fox alike.

And it seems that people are already convinced that Antony Starr from The Boys would be the best choice for the role of the young doctor. But is the idea actually worth it?

According to some fans, no. People claim that before the events of the series, Bell was a quiet and unpleasant man who always put himself above everyone else, often going over people's heads to achieve his goals. When he went through a redemptive arc in The Resident, Bell became a different person, and fans loved that new version of him.

That's why the idea of seeing the character return to his state of guilt in a new series doesn't seem enticing to many.

However, lots of viewers would certainly kill for the chance to see Starr as the young and proud Bell, arguing that the actor has the perfect charisma for the role of an antihero such as the future chief of surgery. Although Bell was certainly disliked in the first season, he was still a wonderful character, albeit an evil one — so perhaps seeing him played by another actor isn't such a bad idea?