The Real Reason Georgie and Sheldon's Relationship Was So Tense on TBBT

The Real Reason Georgie and Sheldon's Relationship Was So Tense on TBBT
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Sheldon didn't really have anything to do with it – sort of…


  • Sheldon's worst relationships on TBBT are with his siblings.
  • Georgie had to fill in for his late father after George's death.
  • Sheldon doesn't realize how lucky he is with his life.

Anyone who has ever watched The Big Bang Theory will remember Dr. Sheldon Cooper as a not-so-pleasant person. After all, there are many reasons why he is so obnoxious, with some people arguing that he is autistic and 'can't help himself' (Leonard says these words to Professor Proton on the show at one point), and others blaming Sheldon's indulgent upbringing for his antics. But it's a mystery how he manages to befriend people despite his off-putting personality.

What's even more remarkable is that even though Sheldon makes friends with the other TBBT characters, who somehow tolerate him and his obnoxious behavior, he's at odds with his own siblings, who don't seem to like him at all.

And while Missy is on quite friendly terms with her twin brother, Sheldon's relationship with Georgie has been strained for decades. And it seems that the TBBT spin-off Young Sheldon has provided an answer as to why.

The Man of the House

After the death of Sheldon, Missy and Georgie's father, George, in Episode 12 of Season 7, Georgie reluctantly became the patriarch of the Cooper household. Although not the sole breadwinner in the family, he became the oldest male in the house and had to fill his late father's shoes.

In addition to caring for his own baby daughter, Cece, and his wife, Mandy, Georgie now had to take care of Mary and Missy. Meanwhile, Sheldon, though devastated by his father's untimely death, went off to CalTech, where he would stay for the rest of his life and meet his TBBT friends and wife, Amy.


It is a well-known fact that Sheldon is terrible at understanding the intricacies of the emotions and social bonds that people form. And Georgie, who has known Shelly all his life, must know this very well. So Sheldon's brother can't be mad at him for his lack of emotional support and sensitivity after the tragedy. But Georgie may still be upset about Sheldon's lack of responsibility for the family.

It is not as if Georgie hated that Sheldon did not share the financial burden of providing for the Coopers. Shelly's brother must be angry at life itself, at the fact that Sheldon got to do whatever he wanted while he himself had to change his entire life to take care of his widowed mother and now fatherless sister. It's the unfairness of the situation that soured Georgie's attitude toward Sheldon. And the fact that Sheldon, being as ungrateful as he is, didn't acknowledge it only added insult to injury.

Do you think Georgie had a right to be mad at Sheldon?