The Real Reason Behind Nina Leaving TVD is Kinda Complicated

The Real Reason Behind Nina Leaving TVD is Kinda Complicated
Image credit: The CW

The actress left the show for a reason.

The CW's The Vampire Diaries was one of the most popular shows of the last decade, even though, at first, it came in for quite a bit of criticism. Over time, the show's fandom proved resilient, supporting and defending their favorite series against detractors for eight consecutive years. Yet, even the most ardent fans could not deny that The Vampire Diaries saw a noticeable decline in quality after its biggest star, Nina Dobrev, abruptly departed from the project after Season 6.

The loss of the main character was a bitter pill for the project to swallow, and the final two seasons struggled to remain on point and deliver compelling storylines. The Vampire Diaries began to feel monotonous and uninspired, prompting fans to question why Dobrev had chosen to leave the project instead of waiting out the remaining two seasons until the finale.

Ready for More

Interestingly, Dobrev joined The Vampire Diaries at a very young age, freshly arrived in the U.S. and unfamiliar with the workings of Hollywood. As a result, the producers managed to get her to sign a 6-season contract that imposed a number of restrictions that prevented her from capitalizing on her success by taking part in other films and series. She was stuck with The CW for six long years.

She didn't like that setup, obviously, so as soon as her contract expired, Dobrev left, hoping to achieve even greater success in other projects. Unfortunately, it was not to be. It turned out her star was already setting, and she never really became an A-lister as she had hoped.

Bad Breakup

Furthermore, Dobrev's highly-publicized romantic relationship with her Vampire Diaries co-star, Ian Somerhalder, may also very well have contributed to her early departure from the show. Following a nasty breakup, the actress found it difficult to work with Somerhalder on a regular basis, especially given that their characters were romantically involved on the show.

That added to her desire to exit the project as soon as possible, so once her contract was over, she jumped at the opportunity to turn over the Vampire Diaries page in her life and move on.