The Only Way to Enjoy Yellowstone is to Watch It as a Soap Opera

The Only Way to Enjoy Yellowstone is to Watch It as a Soap Opera
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It can be really good if you don't watch it for what it was intended to be.


  • Yellowstone started out as a neo-Western drama
  • It has since become a soap opera
  • People hate it because of misaligned expectations
  • Watch it as a soap and you’ll be happy

We had high hopes for this neo-Western series when it premiered in 2018, and at first, it delivered, with cowboys, dysfunctional family dynamics, gripping drama, explosive feuds, and actual explosions, all on a massive ranch in Montana.

However, from season 2 onwards, Yellowstone has seen a steady decline in audience ratings, with the once ambitious and complex show hitting rock bottom with season 5's score of 28%, although critics seemed to love it.

With plot holes bigger than the ranch itself, an ever-revolving door of characters in and out with so much left unexplained, and a general lack of good writing, many of us are ready to throw in the towel on this once-intense series. But there may be hope. Yellowstone isn't going to change, but its audience can.

Yellowstone Can Be Great, If You Treat It Like A Soap Opera

We're not saying it's going to get better. Yellowstone may even continue on its downward trajectory, but there is still a way to stay invested in the show, and it's all about how you watch it.

As of season 5, and even before that, Yellowstone is not what we would call a 'good' show, but it can still be enjoyed; all you have to do is embrace the melodrama, avoid diving deep to look for answers because they won't be there, and let yourself experience the plot twists without expecting them to make sense later or ever. The writing is poor; the same can be said for character development for those who stick around.

Yellowstone is not going to bring back the gripping drama that hooked us in the first place, so the best way to move forward, no matter what season you may be on, is to watch it as if it were a soap opera because that is what it has become.

What Actually Is A Soap Opera?

Many misuse the term, but in essence, a soap opera means a long-running, often weekly aired show, usually featuring lots of petty drama as it follows the daily lives of its characters.

Yellowstone is textbook soapy, even if it didn't intend to be, with its multiple different storylines, heavy melodrama, and an ever-changing cast.

All we have to do is accept Yellowstone's soap-ishness and enjoy it as such. Take in the stunning scenery of the American West, appreciate the star-studded cast, enjoy the plotlines no matter where they end up, and don't take it too seriously. This way, you'll enjoy it a whole lot more.

Source: Forbes.