The Masked Singer's New Format Leads to Big-Name Celebs Signing Up for the Show

Image credit: Legion-Media

The reality competition show has managed to attract even more celebrities thanks to a new take on the winning formula.

Fox’s singing competition managed to stand out from dozens of other shows thanks to its remarkable gimmick – all the celebrities hide behind masks, and the judges, together with the audience, have to figure out who the contestants really are. Fans loved this idea to the core and wondered who would be exposed next.

However, the first seasons of the show were not as packed with celebrities as the recent ones, and it seems that the new format has made many really famous people consider joining The Masked Singer.

The thing is, before, stars had to do four episodes in a row if their singing was good enough for the judges to let them through to the next episodes.

Now this has changed, as the Masks only stay on the show for a couple of episodes, and if their singing isn't good enough, they can only appear on the show just once, making their big reveal and surprising fans and judges alike.

This season alone has showcased several major celebrities, thanks to the new format, since most of them are too busy to stay in reality shows for too long. Howie Mandel, Grandmaster Flash, Michael Bolton and Dick Van Dyke all took part in season 9, already making it one of the most intense seasons in the show's history.

With a large number of stars appearing on The Masked Singer show, fans are wondering what other Hollywood actors and famous musicians might appear on it in the future, as the chances of that happening have multiplied thanks to the new format.

Fans congratulate Fox for keeping the show fresh and interesting to watch, praising the channel for deciding to change its winning formula and delighting viewers with bigger stars.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.