The Marvels Review Leak Paints Disney Desperate; Box Office Projections Still Disastrous

The Marvels Review Leak Paints Disney Desperate; Box Office Projections Still Disastrous
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios

The upcoming movie could be a massive flop.

Just five years ago, the MCU seemed poised for world dominance for the foreseeable future, with each new Marvel movie expanding in scale and breaking box office records. Yet, by 2023, the MCU's allure had faded considerably, turning it into one of the least boring franchises in Hollywood. Disney's choice to flood the market with multiple underdeveloped streaming series and mediocre films left many fans disappointed with the superhero genre.

It would appear that the forthcoming movie, The Marvels, might make the situation worse. Projected box office returns and fan reactions to the Brie Larson-led film are tepid at best, even as Disney is betting the farm on this new release to make the MCU great again.

Leaked Reviews

Earlier today, an account known for sharing MCU-related information leaked some early reviews for The Marvels. All of the leaked reviews praise the upcoming film, describing it as a triumphant return to form and a much-watch. That immediately raised suspicion among fans because the rave reviews sound too good to be true.

Many quickly concluded that the leak was a Disney marketing stunt. The very idea of somebody leaking early reviews struck many fans as odd, with people figuring the MCU must have orchestrated the leak to generate goodwill for The Marvels in the run-up to its release.

Pessimistic Box Office Outlook

The reason Disney resorted to blowing their own trumpet in such a desperate and pathetic manner is that the current box office projections for The Marvels are absolutely atrocious.

At the moment, analysts are predicting the film to make $70-80 million domestically, which would be a disaster, seeing how it must have cost at least $270 million to make, not including marketing costs.

Given these projections, The Marvels may struggle to even break even, let alone turn a profit at the box office, providing further evidence of how fed up the audiences are with the superhero genre. These days, people seem to be gravitating towards genuinely original films like The Barbie or Oppenheimer, while the MCU's golden age seems to be over.

Do you think The Marvels will bomb at the box office?