The Boys: Just How Many People Did Soldier Boy Kill?

Image credit: Legion-Media

Season three's main villain has left a trail of destruction wherever he has been, and his murderous streak is no less extensive.

The hit Amazon Prime series has never shied away from violence in all its forms, featuring scenes of brutal beatings, massacres, and extreme verbal abuse. But despite all the blood and horror of the first two seasons, nothing could have fans prepared for The Boys' season three where Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy begins his reign of terror.

Described as the first Supe in history, Soldier Boy committed war crimes long before Homelander was born. The human superweapon beat up Nazis during World War II, later serving Vought's shady interests before disappearing in the 1980s. As it turned out later, the superhero had been kidnapped by the Russians who used him as a lab rat to breed their own race of superhumans. Not surprisingly, when he was finally freed, Soldier Boy took brutal revenge on his captors, killing 19 people just as he got out of the lab. And of course, the Supe did not stop there.

With so much violence and countless people losing their lives in each episode, fans on Reddit wondered just how many victims Soldier Boy has killed. In addition to the Russians, Soldier Boy murdered 12 more people during Herogasm, and let's not forget about the Supe's former lover and teammate, Crimson Countess, whom he turned into a burning skeleton with his energy blast.

And that's not all! Thanks to an old newspaper article featured in an episode, viewers learned that, before his disappearance, Soldier Boy had killed more than 20 people during a failed drug raid. And that's not counting all the other people he terminated during his work for Vought, and all the Nazis the character took out during the war. So fans conclude Soldier Boy's murder rate certainly runs into the hundreds, if not thousands.