The Boys Fans, Did You Notice Translucent's Son on Gen V?

The Boys Fans, Did You Notice Translucent's Son on Gen V?
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This nod to the Seven is troubling, to say the least.

Gen V, which landed on Prime Video on September 28, has numerous Easter eggs and ties to its parent show, The Boys.

In addition to cameos from notable The Boys characters such as A-train, The Deep, Ashley Barrett, Adam Bourke, and Love Sausage, the spinoff features the infamous Sage Grove Center and gives nods to minor storylines and arcs.

However, there is one reference that most fans have missed.

The Invisible Student

Gen V takes place after the Season 3 finale of The Boys and at Godolkin University, which prepares teenage supes to use their powers in the real world, either as celebrities or crimefighters.

The protagonist, Marie Moreau, is a freshwoman who has the ability to manipulate blood and is determined to become a true hero and the first black woman to join the Seven.

As she enters the university for the first time, Marie meets all sorts of supes with fascinating superpowers like changing genders or shrinking to half an inch in size. Among the new students is a resident assistant with the power of invisibility named Maverick.

Because he only has a few scenes and things at the university move and heat up quickly, many viewers missed the character's connection to the Seven. But he gives an interesting insight into the Vought Corporation and their experiments with Compound V, if you look deeper.

Translucent's Son

Remember Translucent, member of The Seven, invisible supe with bulletproof skin, and Hughie's first 'ass bomb' kill?

Since he died in Episode 2 of Season 1, we don't know much about the character. But we see in the funeral scene that he was married and had a young son. Homelander even addresses the son during the funeral, calling him Maverick.

Now, coincidences happen, but this can't be it. We have no doubt that the invisible Godolkin University student is Translucent's son, which is natural considering that Translucent, like many of his team members, was an alumnus of the university.

Why is this significant?

This reference may not be important to the main story in Gen V, but it gives an interesting idea of the kind of experiments being conducted at Vought's facilities.

It is emphasized that Homelander's son Ryan is the only natural-born supe in the universe. Therefore, he is unique. That means, Maverick was given Compound V like his father and developed similar powers.

If children tend to get the same powers as their parents, Vought can use selective breeding and genetic screening to target desired traits and create a new, more powerful and dangerous generation of supes. Pretty disturbing, huh?

Gen V Episode 4 premieres on Prime Video Thursday, October 5 at 8pm ET.