Supernatural Ruined Our Lives & Here Are 5 Emotional Scenes to Prove It

Supernatural Ruined Our Lives & Here Are 5 Emotional Scenes to Prove It
Image credit: The CW

The beloved show often moved us to tears.

It goes without saying that The CW's Supernatural remains one of the most cherished and popular shows of the 21st century. Its allure isn't solely based on its remarkable character development and riveting weekly cases. The writers so masterfully crafted the characters of Dean and Sam that becoming emotionally invested in them was inevitable. Additionally, the series was replete with heart-wrenching scenes that left us, along with countless Supernatural fans, emotionally drained after certain episodes.

Here are 5 of the most poignant Supernatural scenes:

Jo and Ellen's Deaths

Although Jo was a divisive character among fans, Ellen's unwavering loyalty to her deeply resonated with viewers. The scene in which the two die stands out as one of the series' most devastating and challenging moments to watch.

Bobby’s Death

Bobby, as Sam and Dean's father figure, held a special place in fans' hearts. The mere thought of his passing was overwhelming for many. His eventual death shattered the fandom, but thankfully, the beloved mentor later returned as a spirit to help the brothers.

Dean’s Fight with Lucifer

Watching Sam pummel Dean nearly to death was an ordeal for any Supernatural fan. The scene where Lucifer, inhabiting Sam's body, relentlessly assaults Dean was so harrowing that few could bear to watch it in its entirety. It's the stuff of nightmares, isn't it?

Castiel’s Confession

The fandom had mixed reactions to the moment when Castiel declared his love for Dean. However, there's unanimous agreement about Misha Collins' stellar performance in that scene. His tear-filled eyes left countless viewers sobbing in front of their TVs.

Dean Dying

In the series finale, Dean meets his end, leaving a bereft Sam in a world they have saved together. The sight of the brothers bidding each other farewell was profoundly moving, ensuring Supernatural concluded on a powerful, albeit somber, note.