The Bad Seeds without Nick Cave: 4 Stars Born Into Criminal Families

Image credit: Legion-Media

Breaking records can be as much fun as breaking bad.

Quite a few celebs were born into families of questionable repute. Yet, their parents’ mistakes didn’t hold them back. Let’s find out what got their parents in trouble.

Charlize Theron

Charlize always used to talk about how she grew up without her father who died in a car accident when she was 15. However, recently she admitted that her father actually made her life hell on earth and that he didn’t die in a car accident after all.

The man drank and was constantly arguing with his wife and daughter until one day he tried to kill them.

He came home drunk, which was normal. But this time around, he also had a gun and he instantly started yelling that he was going to kill Charlize and her mom. So they ran into the bedroom and put their backs against the door to keep her father from kicking it in. But he then started firing the gun at the door. He fired off his gun three times and it was through sheer miracle that he didn’t hit either Charlize or her mother, who at this point grabbed her own gun and returned fire through the door, hitting Charlize’s father and killing him. Charlize’s mother wasn't convicted as the incident was ruled self-defence.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey’s father was a convicted bank robber. He was apprehended just hours after the robbery because he hadn’t worn a mask when he robbed the bank, so the cops had no trouble tracking him down.

Maguire senior said he robbed the bank out of desperation. His sister was sick and needed expensive treatments. To add insult to injury, he was in dire need of finances to raise his kids, too.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay’s parents took advantage of her from an early age. After they got separated, an ugly fight over her custody ensued, as both parents wanted to be the sole guardian of their rich daughter. Furthermore, Dina Lohan actually encouraged her daughter to air all their family’s dirty laundry in public because the notoriety added to the bottom line.

Meanwhile, Lindsay’s father ended up in prison in the 1990s for fraud in the securities market. He later went behind bars again for driving under the influence and for beating up his lover.

Leighton Meester

The Gossip Girl star’s mother got caught smuggling controlled substances form Jamaica to the US. She was pregnant when the police arrested her so Leighton ended up being born in prison.

Upon her release, Connie tried to get her life together. She did everything she could to make her daughter famous, and then began extorting money from Leighton. Ostensibly, she needed the money to treat her sick brother. In reality, she was spending all of it on illegal substances and beauty parlours. Leighton eventually completely cut her out of her life and took custody of her brother.