The 6 Most Ridiculous Rider Requests by A-List Celebrities

Image credit: Legion-Media

It should come as no surprise that these celebrities have weird rider requests, seeing how they’re all a little eccentric, to say the least.

Ye (formerly known as Kanye West)

One of the most famous and richest American rappers will throw a conniption at the drop of a hat if his rider demands are not met to the t. Ye’s room must be clean and beautiful, and he must have mint toothpicks. He also demands Versace towels and a speaker system.

Last but not least, Ye demands that expensive high quality alcohol be brought to his room: it helps him relax after performances.


For Beyoncé, it’s imperative that the water closet, bathtub and sink be swapped out before her arrival. She is very serious about her health and has a very bad case of germ phobia, so she insists on having brand new facilities.

Another non-negotiable demand is that the temperature in all the rooms be kept at 22C. She must have a separate dressing room, because she usually tours with lots of outfits.

Jennifer Lopez

Jeniffer has all the rooms she’s about to check into swept for hidden cameras and bugs. She also insists on having white roses, black towels, vanilla-scented candles, Venetian lamps and diamond-shaped headphones, as well as a leather toilet seat in the bathroom.

If all these conditions are met, Jennifer will settle into the room and ask for a cup of coffee, which must be stirred clockwise.

Tom Cruise

Tom’s demands are really out there. For starters, he demands that the room he’s to stay in be covered in newspapers featuring articles about him and his photos. There must also be pictures and posters with his image hung on the walls.

Another requirement is that in all the photos and posters, he must smile and look happy. Last but not least, Tom must always have 50 sets of bed linen. Nobody knows what he needs so many sets of bed linen for, but it’s non-negotiable.

Mariah Carey

Before Mariah checks into a room, all the plumbing and utensils must be changed. The faucets and taps must be gold. There must be lots of flowers in the room and rose petals must be strewn on the bed.

Mariah will sometimes take her favourite dog on tour. The dog then gets to have its own room. And when Mariah is on tour she relaxes by drinking a bottle of $1500 champagne.


Madonna insists on having water in her room and not only that, the water must be charged with energy from the Kabbalah centre and must have salt from the Dead Sea in it. The room must also be decorated with fragrant candles and orchids that must all be a specific height.

The most curious requirement has to do with what is supposed to happen to the room after Madonna leaves: specially trained people go in and destroy all the biological material left by the star so nobody can use it. The room must remain unoccupied for 24 hours after Madonna leaves.