The 5 Most Heartbreaking Game of Thrones Moments That Left Us in Tears

Image credit: Legion-Media

The cult fantasy show had us laughing out loud, shivering in disgust and, most importantly, crying our hearts out.

George R.R. Martin proved his storytelling prowess once and for all with his magnum opus Game of Thrones back in the 90s, but it wasn't until 2011, with the release of the iconic HBO series, that everyone was obsessed with the skillfully crafted world of Westeros. The characters who inhabit it became extremely popular and the struggles they went through resonated in millions of hearts around the world.

It's been almost 4 years since Game of Thrones ended its stellar 8-season run, and it's finally time to find out what 5 moments have broken fans' hearts the most and left everyone in tears. Prepare the pack of tissues!

Stannis Burns His Daughter Alive

Season 5 of the series featured one of the most heartbreaking and sad scenes of the show when Stannis Baratheon decided to sacrifice his own daughter in order to give his army an advantage in battle. The insidious Melisandre, who has corrupted Stannis' mind, suggests that he must burn his own daughter Shireen to gain the blessing of the Lord of Light.

Stannis agrees to this unthinkable act, but when his daughter starts screaming as the fire devours her alive, he cannot hold back tears. Nor can the audience, cursing Stannis forever.

Hold The Door

Hodor was undoubtedly one of the best-loved characters in the series, as it was almost impossible to hate this gentle giant who kept repeating his own name. He was like a big kid, but a kid with a terribly sad backstory.

In season 6, while trying to protect Bran from the White Walkers, we finally learn the origin of his name – through some strange magic, Hodor's life was marked from the beginning by Bran's presence, and while the giant tried holding the gate and protect Bran, his younger version started convulsing and Meera Reed shouted at him to 'hold the door'.

Past and future came together in one sad scene as we learned that his very name was linked to his eventual death from the White Walkers.

Tyrion Kills Tywin Lannister

The dynamic between Tyrion and his father Tywin has always been troubling – everyone, including Tyrion himself, knew how ashamed Tywin was of his son, always preferring to focus more on his brother Jaime.

The turning point in the father-son relationship came when Tywin framed Tyrion for Joffrey Baratheon's murder, knowing absolutely well that his son was innocent. When Tyrion managed to escape captivity and meet his father, a heart-to-heart dialogue ensued. Tywin admits that he has wished Tyrion dead since he was born, and after one of the crossbow bolts pierces his chest, declares that Tyrion is not his son.

‘I have always been your son,’ Tyrion replies with tears in his eyes, sending another bolt killing his father.

With this murder, Tyrion is finally freed from years of disgust and begins a new chapter in his life, while we all sob quietly in front of our screens.

Daenerys and Drogo's Reunion

Daenerys and Drogo's brutal story was over by the end of the first season, as the powerful Khal succumbed to his illness and was mercy-killed by his wife. The impact of this death on Daenerys cannot be overstated as the young woman struggled to get on with her life. So, when she visited the House of the Undying in season two and saw the illusion depicting her and Drogo and their son Rhaego living a happy life together, our hearts were completely broken.

The chance to see a fragment of the happy life she deserved must have been devastating for Daenerys, for she will never have the chance to experience it again.

Shae’s Betrayal

Tyrion was always a rather sad character, suffering from years of abuse which made him a talented schemer but a very lonely person. However, he always had the prostitute Shae by his side, and every viewer was sure that she was with him not because of the money.

They had many tender moments together, and with each new season their bond grew stronger and stronger. So, the fact that she falsely accused him of plotting to assassinate King Geoffrey during the trial came as a complete shock to everyone.

But the worst was when Tyrion realized that his friend had sold him out for money, and it finally ruined his faith in people.