Teen Wolf Was Full of Plot Holes, But This One is Arguably the Biggest

Image credit: Paramount+, Legion-Media

Season one’s plot hole became even bigger after the release of the new film.

MTV's supernatural series Teen Wolf has been a massive hit since its premiere in 2011, as werewolf Scott McCall's adventures perfectly balanced interesting teen romances with thrilling action sequences, never letting fans doze off for even a moment.

Although Season 6 ended with a rather steep viewership decline, Teen Wolf fandom was still pretty big, so when Paramount+ decided to release a feature film in 2023, almost everyone was sure it would be a massive hit.

And it did become something of a hit, with the streaming service reporting that Teen Wolf: The Movie was the most successful feature film in its history.

However, the majority of fans were left dissatisfied with the final product, arguing that it shouldn't have existed at all due to a poor script and a lot of silly plot twists.

And yet, thanks to the film, one major plot hole was finally eliminated, as chemistry teacher Adrian Harris finally returned to action after seemingly being dead since season three. But in true Teen Wolf spirit, this led to another plot hole, even bigger than the previous one.

Mr. Harris was first introduced as a shady person, partly involved in the arson of the Hale house, of which many were aware. Fans were always a little concerned about the fact that Harris was allowed to keep his position at the school, hoping to find out more about him in the following seasons.

Yet, to everyone's surprise, no answers were ever given as Harris seems to have been killed off in the third season, disappearing from the series for good.

Fans had expected him to show up later down the line in the original series, but that simply did not happen.

Imagine the surprise of everyone when Harris suddenly reappeared in the feature film, fighting against Scott and his friends with such hatred that fans could not contain their frustration. The reason why Harris hated werewolves so much was never explained, so him showing up not only created an even bigger plot hole than before, but also made the screenwriters look like they were trying to cash in on fans by using cheap gimmicks to attract a larger audience.