Teen Wolf Fandom Has Spoken: Allison Didn't Need to Come Back in the Movie

Teen Wolf Fandom Has Spoken: Allison Didn't Need to Come Back in the Movie
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Paramount's decision to bring back Alison Argent was met with disgust by fans.

The Teen Wolf series became a sensation on MTV in 2011, getting millions of fans excited about werewolf Scott McCall and his friends. One of the most adored characters in the series was Allison Argent, a descendant of a long line of French werewolf hunters and Scott's girlfriend.

Allison tragically died at the end of season three, leaving her boyfriend and fans in tatters. Even after all these years, fans are still mourning her death, describing the scene in which she died as one of the most impactful in the entire series.

So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that when Paramount+ broke the news that Allison would be returning in Teen Wolf: The Movie, fans were happy but perplexed, failing to understand how Paramound+ was planning to raise the beloved character from the dead.

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Well, as it turned out, the movie writers resorted to some cheap magic tricks to bring Allison back, and fans felt let down in a major way, but at least there was a glimmer of hope that they would give Allison a good storyline in the movie.

Unfortunately, it never happened, and Allison ended up with one of the most ridiculous storylines in Teen Wolf history.

Many fans concluded that Allison was only brought back to get more fans of the original series to watch the film and allow Paramount to cash in on her popularity. Her comeback was poorly written, and the way she and Scott picked up in their relationship where they left off came across as creepy and controversial.

When Allison died in the original series, she was just 17. When she gets resurrected in the movie, she finds herself among friends and family who have aged, so Allison is still 17, but Scott is now a 30-year-old dude. Thus, when they got back together in the movie, as a matter of course, many fans felt outright grossed out.

Despite Allison's massive popularity with fans, many now wish she had stayed dead, as the way she was resurrected in the movie completely ruined her tragic but beautiful story from the original series.