Ted Lasso Season 3: Massive Keeley Leak on Reddit Spoils KJPR Arc Ending

Ted Lasso Season 3: Massive Keeley Leak on Reddit Spoils KJPR Arc Ending
Image credit: Apple TV+

It looks like Keeley's PR firm may not be the success she had hoped for.

Initially, the Apple TV series focused solely on Jason Sudeikis' lovable American football coach, Ted Lasso. However, as the show progressed, fans grew to adore the supporting characters, prompting the writers to create individual storylines for them. Keeley, a former model and PR consultant, quickly became a fan favourite, so the decision to make her the head of a major PR firm at the beginning of season three was met with enthusiasm. Yet, it seems this story arc may be cut short by the season's end.

Although fans love Keeley, they are less invested in her PR firm storyline, often deeming it the most tedious arc of the season. Consequently, many fans hope for this narrative to conclude quickly, and it appears the writers may have listened. A recent leak casts doubt on Keeley's future as a boss.

One of Ted Lasso's makeup artists recently posted a still of Keeley standing in her office, claiming it was from episode seven. However, this appears to be incorrect, as Keeley is clearly standing in an empty office with no furniture or people behind her. It seems the artist mistakenly posted a still from an upcoming episode, inadvertently revealing that Keeley's PR venture may end at some point this season.

View the image leaked on Reddit here.

While fans are disappointed to see Keeley's firm fail so soon, they are also relieved that the lacklustre storyline is ending, hoping Keeley and Rebecca will fully repair their friendship and collaborate again. Perhaps Keeley's firm closure will allow her to spend more time with Roy Kent, which would undoubtedly please viewers.

Nonetheless, some fans argue that the empty office may not signify anything significant, jokingly suggesting that a redecoration could be underway.

‘Plot twist, Jack had the office cleared to put in new carpet,’ a fan joked.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 9 will arrive on Apple TV + on 10 May 2023.