Ted Lasso S3E6 Confirms What Fans Suspected About Trent Crimm All Along

Ted Lasso S3E6 Confirms What Fans Suspected About Trent Crimm All Along
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The old fan theory turned out to be a relieving truth though not a big surprise.

Ted Lasso continues to develop the theme of self-absorption as the characters try to understand themselves, and the last episode of Season 3 presented the pinnacle of human drama so far.

Episode 6, titled 'Sunflowers,' took the audience and characters to the capital city of the Netherlands, which, by the way, was the first country to legalize same-sex marriages. So clearly, this was the perfect location to reflect on some of the characters' sexual lives and identities.

In the episode, we see Colin Hughes, who was recently revealed to be gay, go to an LGBTQ+ bar by himself. There he runs into Trent Crimm, who knew about the left winger's secret identity as he saw him kissing his boyfriend in an earlier episode. Fans were excited to see their encounter, as Trent approached Colin with friendly advice, making him feel at ease with his sexuality.

The idea of Crimm being gay has been floating around practically since the character's first appearance on the show. However, many doubted this theory, knowing that the sports journalist used to be married and even had a daughter. But now that the speculation has been confirmed, it doesn't seem to surprise fans: Trent discovered his sexuality later in life and came out to his family after his daughter was born.

'There you go, Trent was with a woman and came out to her after they had his daughter. Theory confirmed,' one of the fans summed up the idea.

Earlier, we discussed the theory that Crimm may come out as gay and support the young soccer player who is also hiding his identity from the public. And here we go, just a few episodes further in the season, Trent does bond with Colin.

Curiously, some fans noted that the writers actually hinted at this development right at the start of Episode 6.

'Well, the little leopard boots [Trent] wore at the beginning of the episode could have been a clue,' a Redditor pointed out.

By the way, it is also no accident that the dialogue between Trent and Colin takes place at the site of the Homomonument, a memorial dedicated to queer people who were victims of discrimination.

Overall, viewers are happy with the way the show portrayed the experience of LGBTQ+ characters who love sports but are afraid to come out to their fans and colleagues, many of whom are homophobic. Hopefully, Colin will learn a lesson from his conversation with Trent, and the other members of AFC Richmond will support them.

The next episode of Ted Lasso will arrive on Apple TV+ on April 26, 2023.