'Taylor Lautner Wasn't The Only One Who Had To Wear A Wig in Twilight

'Taylor Lautner Wasn't The Only One Who Had To Wear A Wig in Twilight
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To bring the characters in Stephanie Meyer's novels to life, the cast of Twilight underwent some major changes to their appearances, and some were better than others.

Taylor Lautner's infamous mane may be one of the first things that come to mind, but he wasn't the only actor that had to wear a wig, many of the main characters were brought to life with a faux hairdo, and some were done much better than others.

Kristen Stewart

At one point Stewart was leading the Twilight franchise, as well as playing a role in The Runaways, which required her to cut her hair. Her choppy, black hair had to be disguised under a wig for the filming of Eclipse, and whilst her wig wasn't one of the worst to appear in the movies, rumor has it, a few of her scenes had to be reshot after her hair piece kept falling askew.

Ashley Greene

Greene, who played Alice Cullen, wore four different wigs throughout the Twilight saga, each being a similar short, dark pixie-like cut that was well suited to her character.

Nikki Reed

As a natural brunette, Nikki Reed had to undergo 36 hours of hair bleaching to achieve the light blonde coiffure while portraying the stunning Rosalie Hale. The process and upkeep resulted in immense damage, which resulted in her hair falling out.

From the second movie onwards she had to wear a blonde wig, to avoid going bald.

Peter Facinelli

Facinelli was also made to transition to blonde for his role as Carlisle Cullen but switched over to a wig (which he hated) as he needed his natural color for his role in Nurse Jackie.

Jason Rathbone

Jasper Hale's messy, charming mop of hair was also a wig, and whilst it suited his character well, Rathbone was more than happy to be rid of it after filming.

Victoria, James, and Laurent

All three members of the vampire coven that appeared together in the first movie had long, distinctive hairdos thanks to their wigs. Victoria had striking, curly red hair, James; ratty blonde hair in a ponytail, and Laurent; long, dark dreadlocks.

Aro and Caius

It seems that being a villain is incomplete without having long hair, as two of the three powerful members of the Volturi boasted luscious hair nearing shoulder length.

Actor Robert Pattinson revealed that producers originally wanted him to have long hair, but as quickly as the hair extensions had been put in, Pattinson ripped them out.

He was lucky enough to keep his natural hair, but ended up having to wear a wig for reshoots of Breaking Dawn – Part 2, having cut his hair when filming first 'ended.'