Taylor Lautner Has a Lot to Say on Twilight's Grossest Plot Twist

Taylor Lautner Has a Lot to Say on Twilight's Grossest Plot Twist
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The question, ‘What were you thinking, Stephenie Meyer?’ is still on fans’ minds.

Twilight was a global phenomenon back in the early 2000s and developed a devoted, cult-like following of fans torn between Team Edward and Team Jacob.

The franchise has seen a resurgence of interest lately, with many fans hitting play and revisiting the mysterious town of Forks and the skewed love triangle that existed between human teenager Bella Swan, a werewolf, and a vampire.

The werewolf in question, and the other corner of the triangle, was Jacob Black. Jacob may have lost Bella to the mysterious, broody vampire Edward Cullen, but that didn't stop him from imprinting on Edward and Bella's half-human-half-vampire baby, Renesmee.

Jacob's imprint on the infant daughter of his lost love was met with disgust and confusion from fans, as well as Bella (now a vampire) who found the situation hugely unsettling.

Not only was Bella furious over the imprint, but fans will also remember the iconic line she delivered to Jacob, 'Nessie? You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness MONSTER?'

The weirdness of it all was hard for fans to accept, but Taylor Lautner, the actor behind the sweet, shirtless Jacob was quick to shed light on the situation, and his justification made a lot of sense.

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He described the imprint as a 'lifetime bond' instead of anything romantic and reminded fans that Jacob had promised to keep his feelings for Rensmee platonic until later in her life, when she was, well, not a child.

In the movie, Jacob describes it like this:

'Imprinting on someone is like when you see her, everything changes. All of the sudden, it's not gravity holding you to the planet, it's her. Nothing else matters. You do anything, be anything for her.'

Still, Lautner experienced relentless teasing about the 'creepy' storyline but never took it to heart especially with Team Jacob fans like Loumany pointing out that, 'There is no creepy 'he fell in love with a baby' or a 'ped*philic storyline' as some people would call it. It has been made very clear in the series that the wolves have no romantic feelings for children.'

Jacob and Renesmee's storyline wasn't the only thing wrong with Twilight, the franchise received a lot of criticism, and there were lots of things that made sense and had zero explanation, like the forever unanswered question of why the Cullen's, a vampire family hundreds of years old, decide to go to school?

At least Jacob and Renesmee have a sound explanation and a conclusion:

When asked about where things would have gone after the franchise ended, he saw his character 10 years later as 'happy ever after with Renesmee because that's where I left off,' adding that Jacob was 'a pretty loyal dude,' and this is backed up by The Twilight Guide's mention of Renesmee enjoying hunting with Jacob.