Survivor Producers Accused of 'Lame Gimmicks' After Latest Episode

Survivor Producers Accused of 'Lame Gimmicks' After Latest Episode
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Many fans believe the show is overdone at this point.

Television shows can continue for decades, so they must evolve to keep audiences engaged. The trouble is that changes introduced to achieve that sometimes make things worse.

Debuting in 2000, Survivor has been on the air for 23 years, making it one of the longest-running reality shows in TV history. The show's released a whopping forty-four seasons, with the last one still ongoing.

Over the years, Survivor's format has seen many alterations, but the core concept remains the same: approximately 18 contestants are taken to a remote island, divided into two or three tribes, and are tasked with surviving both physically and socially. Tribes regularly vote on who must leave the show.

Despite the captivating premise, producers seemingly feel compelled to constantly introduce new twists each season. Unfortunately, many fans disapprove of these. Critics argue that Survivor 44 is far-fetched and illogical in several ways, such as having contestants compete in pairs during "individual" immunity challenges. It's no wonder many fans are complaining the show feels overproduced.

‘I miss the old Survivor, when it was just about the contestants… not all these lame gimmicks…’ a fan pointed out in an online discussion about a recent episode.

Indeed, it looks like the show's producers are taking things too far in a bid to freshen up the show. It's as if they forgot that more complexity doesn't always mean better entertainment. In Survivor 44, all the extra gimmicks are not just lame, as fans pointed out; they're also extremely ineffective.

Regrettably, with just two episodes left, season 44 is a lost cause. Episode 9 will be airing on 26 April, and the season finale will come out on 3 May. Still, the hope is that Survivor's producers recognise that the beloved show is good as it is and extra complexity can only detract from the exciting premise. As of this writing, Season 45 has yet to be confirmed.

Source: TVline.