Supernatural's 14 Best Celeb Guest Stars, Ranked

Supernatural's 14 Best Celeb Guest Stars, Ranked
Image credit: The CW

Over its epic 15 seasons run, Supernatural turned into a revolving door for celeb guest stars, blending self-irony, a dash of sarcasm, and a generous helping of meta-humor that made the show a cult favorite.

This list of 14 stars is like a who's who of pop culture icons who popped into the Supernatural universe, each bringing their unique flavor to an already zesty mix, proving that sometimes, the more unexpected the cameo, the better the episode.

We're talking big names that, when they showed up on screen, made you do a double-take and question whether you were still watching the Winchesters battle demons or had stumbled into some alternate TV universe where the rules of casting don't apply.

And yes, Paris Hilton makes the cut because, let's face it, when you pair one cultural phenomenon with another, it's like adding fireworks to an already blazing bonfire.

These celeb cameos weren't just about star power; the best part of it all was adding layers of inside jokes and nods to the fans, turning each episode into a treasure trove of 'Did you see that?' moments.

So, let's dive into this list, where the guest stars aren't just footnotes in the Supernatural saga but are key ingredients that spiced up an already wild ride.