Steve and Nancy Gotta Be Stranger Things Season 5's Endgame

Steve and Nancy Gotta Be Stranger Things Season 5's Endgame
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The conclusion of Stranger Things Season 4 left many unanswered questions, with fan theories taking over the internet.

Not much is known about Season 5, but what the Duffer Brothers have confirmed is that Season 5 will be the last, will include a time jump, and will be potentially revisiting Season 1’s character pairings.

The most recent season seemed to set up a love triangle between Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve, and fans are hoping that Season 5 will finally see Steve and Nancy back together because they are meant for each other.

Their Season 1 relationship fell apart after Barbara was killed by Vecna, and Nancy fell for Jonathan which many fans have blamed on trauma bonding.

It is only a matter of time before Nancy finds out that Jonathan lied about applying to the same college as her and their relationship was stagnant because of the physical distance between them.

Fans also seem to have forgotten how creepy Jonathan and his camera were in the beginning, like the time he hid in the bushes and took pictures of Nancy at her window.

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Since their breakup, Steve has grown tremendously and is a much better match for Nancy. The pair shared some undeniable tension and chemistry in the recent season, which makes it feel like their reunion is being set up for Season 5 as “Jancy” crumbles.

The Duffer Brothers have spoken about having no time to fit Steve’s love life into the final season but know that his die-hard fans will not settle for anything less than a happy ending, and his happy ending has been in front of him since Season 1.

Nancy and Steve are the perfect example of the right person, wrong time, and can serve as proof that people can go their separate ways, grow on their own, and come back to each other at a later stage because love always finds a way.

Nancy and Steve have proven to be an unstoppable team together and share the same fearlessness and resilience when it comes to protecting those they love. Nancy has outgrown Jonathan in every way, and Steve has experienced his own journey of growth. There is no better ending for the pair than Season 5 seeing them back together.

Steve has already confessed that he still loves her, and has probably never stopped loving her.

Fans can expect the upcoming final season to be fast-paced, full of drama and danger as the Hawkins Gang faces Vecna with Max still in a coma following her attack. Fans are hoping that amongst the action and chaos, Nancy and Steve will reunite, ending the series the same way they started: together. Only this time sharing the same love as completely different people.