Stats Prove Sex and the City's Miranda is Carrie's Best Friend

Stats Prove Sex and the City's Miranda is Carrie's Best Friend
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And who is the worst?

Can you believe it's been 25 years since the premiere of everyone's favorite style guide and dating advice collection, Sex and the City? Yes, the show debuted in the last century, on June 6, 1998. Fast forward a quarter of a century, and here we are, at the point where Sex and the City hasn't lost an inch of its cultural relevance and got a highly anticipated sequel series that is now airing its second season.

Stunning outfits, an enviable New York lifestyle, and compelling romantic storylines are, of course, all reasons why the show has become a cultural phenomenon and remains beloved by millions of fans worldwide. But perhaps the biggest cause for the show's addictive nature is its characters. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte have become household names that have changed the way people view single women in their 30s and beyond.

Among other things, these four beloved characters taught us that no matter how different women may be, they can still be the best of friends and support each other through life's hardships and challenges. And you may wonder, which two of the four iconic characters were closer than the rest?

While fans name different couples and give very compelling explanations, we actually have stats to answer that question. The first party of the biggest Sex and the City friend pairing is a no-brainer. Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw is the show's narrator and lead character, so it stands to reason that she has had more friendship storylines than others. To figure out Carrie's best friend, Ceros Inspire analyzed every script of all 96 episodes to see which member of her girl gang Carrie interacted with the most.

The winner turned out to be Cynthia Nixon's Miranda with 1,827 character-to-character exchanges. Despite the infamous behind-the-camera feud between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, Samantha came in second with 1,407 direct interactions. Charlotte, played by Kristin Davis, only got 1,025 scenes of friendly conversations with Carrie.

These numbers prove what the majority of fans have intuited all along. If there were to be a declaration of the main friendship on Sex and the City, it would be Carrie and Miranda.

Outside of Carrie's arc, the relationships between the New York fashionistas leave much to be desired. Charlotte and Miranda interacted the most with 356 exchanges. Charlotte and Samantha shared 255 scenes. And the worst friends on the show turned out to be Miranda and Samantha with only 213 interactions.

It seems that the three characters gave all of their attention to the protagonist, leaving no screen time left to interact with each other.

Source: Ceros Inspire.