Spoilers: Every Cameo in Ezra Miller's The Flash, Ranked

Spoilers: Every Cameo in Ezra Miller's The Flash, Ranked
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Marvel Multiverse, stand aside, for the Barry Allen Multiverse is coming!

More than 30 years in the making and nine years after being added to the DC Extended Universe, the solo film about FTL superhero The Flash has finally hit the big screen. The movie premiered on June 12 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in LA and opens nationwide tomorrow, June 16.

The plot centers on Barry Allen using his superhuman speed to travel back in time to save his parents from a tragic fate. The Flash's manipulation of time and events leads to the creation of the multiverse, which means fans will see many alternate versions of their favorite superheroes.

There will be some pretty remarkable cameos, including by late actors who portrayed the characters in the past. Here are seven of them ranked from most to least expected.

7. George Reeves

George Reeves was the second actor to play Superman, starring in the 1950s series Adventures of Superman. This retro version of DC's main superhero will be an incredibly fun cameo to witness, and the only reason we ranked him so low is because the filmmakers didn't just use archival footage of the actor, as advertised, but instead put his face on a horrible CGI body.

6. Christopher Reeve

Unfortunately, the same thing happened to the version of Clark Kent played by the legendary Christopher Reeve. Although it was possible to edit the footage of Reeve and put Ezra Miller next to him, the creators went full house and made him CG. Not the best execution, though.

5. Adam West

Adam West played Bruce Wayne in the famous 1960s superhero comedy series Batman, so his appearance in The Flash movie is not surprising. Sadly, the late actor also suffered from CGI manipulations.

4. Helen Slater

Slater played Supergirl in the 1984 movie of the same name, and her cameo will be one of the most exciting to see in The Flash.

3. Teddy Sears

Many fans have wondered if the Arrowverse will have anything to do with the DCEU feature films, and The Flash actually connects the two parallel universes. At one point, Barry Allen's counterpart Jay Garrick, the first Flash in the DC Comics, appears in the movie.

Considering that it was only seven years ago that Sears starred in the show, it's very odd that he wasn't invited to the movie and that CG was used instead.

2. George Clooney

After the commercial failure of Batman & Robin, Clooney forbade himself from taking part in money-driven projects, but the offer to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne was just too tempting for the actor. Although he only appears in the post-credits scene, Clooney is always a pleasure to watch!

1. Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage's appearance as Clark Kent is by far the most surprising cameo. Although the actor never played the role before, Cage is a great fan and collector of comic books and was even planning to star in Tim Burton's Superman movie back in the 1990s, which never came to be. So his dream of portraying the superhero has finally come true!