Sorry, Team Lucas, Nathan & Elizabeth Is WCTH's Endgame: Here's Proof

Sorry, Team Lucas, Nathan & Elizabeth Is WCTH's Endgame: Here's Proof
Image credit: Hallmark Channel

It looks like the endgame pairing is already known.

For nearly a decade, Hallmark's When Calls the Heart was widely regarded as one of the network's best melodramas, thanks to its great character development and endearing romantic pairings. However, the consensus on the show changed drastically by the end of Season 10, when the writers made the gravest of mistakes - breaking up a beloved pairing.

For the past three seasons, Lucas and Elizabeth had been inching closer to marriage, and fans were eager to see them exchange rings in the season 10 finale. Sadly, they actually broke up at the end of last season, and the fact that Elizabeth started flirting with Nathan really infuriated fans who were already sold on the idea that she and Lucas were the endgame.

The book has some answers

Although the fandom has been known to blame the writers for ruining both Elizabeth as a character and the show itself, it looks like the original book by Janette Oke actually proves that Nathan and Elizabeth being together is canon endgame.

The thing is, in the book, Elizabeth does end up with a Mountie, even if it is not Nathan, who was created specifically for the show. She had a romance with another officer in the early seasons of the show, but her love interest Jack was killed off in Season 5, and Lucas came into the picture as a suitor sometime later.

Yes, it looks like Elizabeth ending up with a Mountie is a canon thing, but that doesn't mean that the writers shouldn't be faulted for breaking up Lucas and Elizabeth, because fans have already invested a lot of energy into that pairing, and the team behind WCTH should have thought through their breakup a bit more carefully.

Anyway, Season 10 is already considered the worst in the show's history, and even the most loyal fans of Nathan are not hoping that he won't date Elizabeth, since she was totally ruined by the writers and turned into a needy and selfish woman for no apparent reason.

Who should Elizabeth end up with?