So Now Fantastic Beasts Being a Failure is Somehow JK Rowling's Fault?

So Now Fantastic Beasts Being a Failure is Somehow JK Rowling's Fault?
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Is it okay to criticize her now, when she once could do no wrong?


  • Rowling's fall from grace was obvious and predictable.
  • Has it affected the popularity of Harry Potter?
  • Spewing hate about trans people wasn't JK's only bad decision.

JK's downfall

There was a time when it seemed that JK Rowling could do no wrong. She was the creator of the Wizarding World that took the real world by storm and spawned some of the most anticipated books and movies of all time.

In recent years, she has faced criticism for comments she has made about the trans community, but for the most part, this has not translated into problems for the Harry Potter franchise. The films and books remain popular, and a visit to Harry Potter World has become a staple of trips to London.

Of course, we should be able to distinguish between the fictional world created by an author and their personal views on other matters - but that's not always the case.

But while the original films are largely free of criticism (though there were a few retcon moments that had the potential to blow up in the author's face), the Fantastic Beasts arm of the franchise is widely considered a flop. And apparently, it's all JK Rowling's fault.

Harry Potter's dramatic origin

A recent Reddit thread was critical of how the author defended some of the poor decisions made in the creation of this offshoot - including some canon-defying retcon moments. But can we really lay all the blame for this (admittedly lower-quality) aspect of the franchise at JK Rowling's feet?

When she wrote the first book, the author was in complete control of everything about it. Yes, it was rejected several times before publication (and we all heard the sob story about the napkins, that was just a lie) and undoubtedly had to be reworked, but it was still her story to tell.

But the Harry Potter franchise as we know it today is bigger than JK Rowling. While she shares ownership with Warner Bros, you have to imagine she has a fair amount of influence over what gets produced, how and when.

FB is a mess, just like JK's career

The Fantastic Beasts series feels a little disjointed and confused. It's easy to believe that very little real planning went into it and that the order of the movies was thrown together on the fly. But to say that this is JK Rowling's fault is wrong. She may have to take some of the blame, but she's no longer the head honcho of the Wizarding World the way she once was.

Source: Reddit.